About community development

communityCommunities across the borough have a great deal of knowledge and experience. By working more closely with our communities we can identify more issues and improve the way we work in the future.

The Community Development Team: The team, along with other professionals, are based directly in an area - or locality - alongside a community. The aim of this is to ensure we are working in the heart of the community while building relationships with key people and organisations. By working in this way we see residents sharing ownership of activities, which in turn, develops pride and responsibility.

Locality Working: The Locality Working way of working operates in four identified neighbourhoods and provides the key vehicle to close the gap between Tamworth's communities. Locality working is led by Community Development officers, who manage and coordinate the community hubs. They work together with other organisations to provide improved services and better use of available resources.

Locality Working operates in:

Participatory budgeting: A community-based project, where residents voted for what organisations should receive funding in their area. Up to £20,000 was available in each area.