TSP logoTamworth Strategic Partnership has taken a bold step towards joined up commissioning:

  • Established a commissioning framework
  • Allocates funding out to tender via the TSP Commissioning Hub.
  • Invites partners to consider joining up any specific commissioning they are undertaking and/or to pool other grant funding
  • Partnership alignment is the best way to address budget shortfalls and provide ‘more for less’ for our communities
  • Commissioning services over three year periods enables sustainability and allows fair and transparent procurement of services


More than £170,000 has been awarded to Tamworth organisations to provide vital services to residents and businesses across the borough.

The announcement of the funding – which will be awarded every year for the next three years – means the £514,000 will provide much-needed support for a wide range of organisations, which will help Tamworth residents, families and businesses.

A total of six organisations received a share of the funding, which includes Tamworth Citizens Advice Bureau, Home Start, the Samaritans, Business Development Services Ltd (BDS) and Shopmobility. The full list and breakdown is below.

The funding is for a three year period and will help to provide long lasting, sustainable services.

These services will help to deliver Tamworth Borough Council’s priorities; to ‘aspire and prosper’ and ‘to be healthier and safer’. These priorities are based on the needs of the town’s communities, supported by evidence.

By commissioning these services, it means taxpayer’s money is being spent where it is needed most; it is the equivalent of around £16 per household over the three year period.

All the services have been commissioned by Tamworth Borough Council. Contracts and agreements are in place to deliver specific outcomes and the organisations will work with the borough council, providing regular updates and progress reports.

Organisations applied to Tamworth Borough Council to have their services commissioned and had to meet a strict criteria, based on evidence. Working in this way means the local authority can support communities by ensuring much-needed support is in place.

The grants were split into eight different categories: Practical family support; debt and general advice; infrastructure support for businesses and third sector; support for vulnerable people including mental health and crisis intervention; preventing homelessness; maximising income; services to increase independence and environmental projects.

By working closely with voluntary and community groups, Tamworth Borough Council is able to consider in greater detail what services are available and how these could support residents and businesses. It also means organisations can work in the heart of the community, where people need the most support.

The funding is as follows: Please note this is the total for three years, not the annual award. These services continue until March 2017.

  • Home Start: £45,000 to provide practical family support: Improved parenting skills, improved aspirations of families, parents and children and improvised resilience in families.
  • Tamworth CAB: £180,000 to provide debt and general advice: Delivering debt advice, maximising income opportunities, improving health and well-being through advice and enhancing advice available.
  • Tamworth CAB: £90,000 to help prevent homelessness: Reduce the number of people losing their tenancies, give support, guidance and information to maintain housing, help to improve the health and well-being of residents through good advice.
  • Business Development Services Ltd: £120,000 for infrastructure support to business and third sector: Create an environment for innovative businesses, encouraging entrepreneurial   activity and organisational stability and encourage job creation.
  • Samaritans: £21,000 to support vulnerable people: Improve mental health and well-being, reduce the number of vulnerable people experiencing mental health issues and reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide.
  • Home Start: £27,000 to maximise income: Help families increase their income and manage money more effectively, increase grant checks for families, share good practises and case studies with others.
  • Shopmobility: £15,000 to help residents retain independence: To provide mobility aids, to enable people with temporary or permanent physical impairment to continue shopping in the town centre and Ventura Park, give advice on the most appropriate equipment to customers.
  • Wild About Tamworth: £75,000 to increase involvement and environmental awareness of local people through volunteer/community groups, coordinate local nature reserves management and other relevant open space, support the maintenance of sites, including the development of community groups and to provide educational awareness.

For more information on contracts awarded, please see our contract register