Garden waste FAQs

Garden waste and green bin service charging FAQs

Why are you bringing in charges for the green bin waste collection service?
Charging for our garden waste service is not a decision councillors have taken lightly. However, councils across the country are under severe financial pressure from government funding cuts and are having to find creative ways to safeguard local services. Tamworth Borough is also likely to be affected by financial pressures facing Staffordshire County Council in its bid to safeguard its provision of adult and social care services.

It is forecast that the county council will have no choice but to cut the recycling credits provided to district and borough councils in the future, which currently help to underpin recycling services. We recognise that residents will not welcome the charge for the garden waste service, but by introducing a ‘producer pays’ policy, we are aiming to make the charge as fair as possible. We are very hopeful that people will understand the financial pressures councils are facing, and that by charging for the service we can help to safeguard it and other vital local services.

Providing a garden waste service is not something we have to do, and one alternative we have looked at is stopping the service completely, which has been done by some councils across the country. Such a move would see residents having to take their own garden waste to the tip, employing private waste services, at a likely higher cost than our proposed annual charge, or composting at home. We want to be able to continue to offer a garden waste collection service, which is why we are now considering maintaining the service on a chargeable basis, rather than withdrawing it.

How much will the green bin waste collections cost?
It will cost from £36 per bin per year.

Can I claim a discount if I receive benefits?
No, we are not offering discounts to residents who receive benefits.

Can I claim a discount if I have multiple green bins?
No, we are not offering a discount to customers who have multiple green bins.

Can I share a bin with my neighbour?
Yes - if neighbours agree to split the cost of a bin and share it, that would be allowed.

How will I be able to pay?
You will be able to pay online (towards the end of 2017), by cash or cheque or by card over the phone. We are also considering setting up a direct debit payment option, so that residents don’t need to remember to sign up annually.

What if I can’t afford the annual charge?
Composting at home is a great alternative that is low-cost and also great for the environment and your garden. We offer composting bins through a partnership with Recycle for Staffordshire & Stoke. Find out more at  

There is also the option to dispose of your garden waste at a local tip or Household Waste Recycling Centre. Find out where your nearest tip is at

If I don’t pay, what happens to my green bin?
The green bins relate to individual properties. If you choose not to pay for the service, the green bin will remain at your property. This means if you choose to sign up to the service at a later date, you can easily do so.