Polling District and Polling Place Review Consultation 2019

The Polling District and Polling Place Review Consultation has now closed. The consultation period ran from Tuesday 28 May to Friday 19 July.
Notice of Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places
To see the existing and proposed changes for a ward please click on one below:

If you need help with accessing our consultation documents please email: elections@tamworth.gov.uk or call 01827 709262 /709265

All comments and responses from the Acting Returning Officer have been published. The Final Polling Scheme was approved by Full Council on Tuesday 10 September 2019 and will  been adopted in accordance with the Council’s Constitution. The new polling scheme arrangements  will take effect for any elections held  after 1 December 2019.
Following the publication of the final arrangements the following are, by law, entitled to appeal direct to the Electoral Commission within a period of six weeks.
These are:
  • Groups of no less than 30 electors in a constituency who have not previously made representations.
  • An elector who has previously made representations during the review.
  • A person who is not an elector in the area but who the Electoral Commission decides has expertise in access to premises or facilities for disabled people.
All representations to the Electoral Commission must be in writing. They must be based on the grounds that the Council has not properly conducted the review because it has either failed to meet the reasonable requirements of electors, and/or taken insufficient account of accessibility for disabled people to the polling places within a polling district.