Amington ASB project

Amington ASB Project 2012 pilot

There had been a drastic increase of anti-social behaviour Amington during September 2011,  which was flagged by the Community Safety Partnership (CSP). You can read the full report.

A number of young people were involved in risky behaviour and paying little consideration for themselves or those around them. Incidents ranged from from loitering, littering and trespass, to more severe acts of damaging property and throwing obstacles into traffic.

We used early intervention measures by working with other organisations, specialising in different areas of health and community safety. This helped ensure the young people’s actions escalated to more serious offences or consequences.

We ran a number of sessions on the type of offences the young people were involved in. Each individual session was focused around a particular subject area and specialist services led these sessions, using interactive and engaging methods. With limited budgets and a range of organisations working together, the young people were given the opportunity to understand the consequences of their actions.

The  eight-week intervention saw a radical drop of anti-social behaviour in the Kerria area and the community has reported the area is now a lot quieter now. In addition, there has been a notable difference in the number of young people hanging around in the evenings.

The ASB Report details: Why the project was set up, what we did, the change in the young people and the impact on the community. The report also has a toolkit which is accessible to all who would like to use this as a model of good practice and use the processes we implemented.