ASB definition

If you have a problem or concerns about anti-social behaviour, you can report anti-social behaviour online, or contact:
Tenancy Sustainment Team. Tel: 01827 709514. Email:

What is anti-social behaviour? We deal with two levels of anti social behaviour – medium and high. For low level complaints, we usually offer referrals to mediation or other organisations.

Examples of serious anti social behaviour: Harassment, intimidation and/or threatening behaviour, Hate related incidents, domestic abuse, physical violence, threats to staff and contractors, arson or attempted arson

Examples of general anti social behaviour:

  • Unreasonable and persistent noise, vandalism, graffiti and damage to property, pets and animal nuisance
  • Rubbish and fly-tipping, verbal abuse, misuse of communal areas, abandoned cars and vehicle nuisance
  • Drug and alcohol related nuisance including drug dealing and alcohol related nuisance

Examples of low level issues:

  • Clashes of lifestyle or a one-off disagreement between neighbours
  • Ball games, unless they are persistent and likely to cause damage to property
  • One-off noise nuisance ie birthdays, DIY, Christmas, New Year, etc.
  • Noise nuisance that is ‘everyday living’ ie babies crying, washing machines etc.