ASB News

NEWS - JULY 2021

  • Evictions have taken place at Chaucer Close, Leyfields and Lothersdale, Stonydelph following years of anti-social behaviour causing misery to the local communities. Residents bravely stood up choosing not to accept this behaviour and partner agencies including the police, council, fire service and others worked together initially to prevent this behaviour but then to pursue enforcement through the courts when the behaviour continued
  • Anti Social Behaviour Awareness Week 19 – 25 July 2021 – officers, warden and PCSO’s will be out and about this week visiting hotspot areas and issuing leaflets on how to report and deal with anti social behaviour in communities. If you see them around, please feel free to approach them to discuss any local concerns you have. Alternatively, you can report anti social behaviour in to the Tenancy Sustainment Team on 01827 709514
  • Cuckooing and County Lines – despite Tamworth being a small town, we are also central in the country making us an ongoing target.  We are working with the police to identify where this is happening in council housing properties and remove it quickly.  A Cuckoo is somebody put in a property for the purposes of dealing drugs and will target people with substance dependencies. If you have been approached by somebody asking to use your home to sell drugs and you do not report it, we will pursue possession of your home.  We understand anybody with a drug dependency may find it difficult to report this but there is help available.  For the wider community, if you see persistent unusual activity from a property and believe that drug dealing is taking place, please report it to the police immediately, either by phoning 101, or submitting an online report with Staffordshire Police or by notifying Crimestoppers.  County Lines involves the recruitment of young people so if you are a parent of a teenager and they start acting differently and appear to have access to money and they can’t explain where it’s from, then please report this. Tamworth is working through the Multi Agency Child Exploitation Panel to highlight children of concern and put support in place.

NEWS – August 2019

51-98 Eringden

CCTV has being fully installed and is up and running throughout the block. This is proving to be a great asset for both residents and Tamworth Borough Council staff. A lot of the residents report they feel safer and more at ease within their homes.

Lovell (contractor) will be starting work on installing a new sprinkler system shortly. There will be a water sprinkler system fitted into all the properties at Eringden. Initially, many of the residents were concerned and had many questions, so Lovell issued a booklet and held an Open Afternoon at Eringden. The Fire Department was also present. This gave the resident an opportunity to discuss all their issues/concerns. There will also be an opportunity for the residents to have a look at what the water sprinkler will look like once fitted as the office will be having them fitted first.

The residents have responded positively to the project at Eringden and take a pride in their block. I helped them source plants left over from the Castle Grounds, Planters donated a £10 voucher, 2 troughs were purchased and Street Scene donated the compost. Two residents in particular worked really hard with the planting made a lovely job and agreed to look after them.

Each month I send out a newsletter known as “The Eringden News” keeping the residents updated with what is happening and supplying them with useful numbers. This newsletter also contains competitions such as cleanest landing of the month. The resident’s report they look forward to receiving this as it gives them information they find useful and keeps them up to date with what is happening.

I am Maria McIntosh, the Resident Support Officer and I am based full time in the office at Eringden.

Follow this link to see my latest newsletter here.  All Newsletters can be found in the Useful Documents section.

NEWS – February 2019
The Eringden project has taken some time to complete but we can now confirm that the office is fully functional and it is envisaged that partner agencies will also make use of the office including the police, housing and community wardens.

The Resident Support Officer, Maria, is now on site and the CCTV will be installed by the end of March 2019.

NEWS – January 2019
Landlord Services has a Factsheet Library on our website with a number of advice sheets available.  You may have heard about “County Lines” and “Cuckooing”.  These are very real and present in Tamworth. In the last month alone, officers have found cannabis plants being cultivated in properties belonging to Tamworth Borough Council.  A number of Factsheets may be of interest to you include:

• Cuckooing
• Cannabis
• Drugs
• Electricity theft

Gangs are moving into people’s home and paying them for the use of their property in drugs, alcohol or just by taking over their home.  If you are approached, you should be aware of the following information:

1. If your home is taken over and you tell us, we will work with partner agencies to help you remove these people and assess any risk to you including re-housing options.
2. If you do not report it and we find out, we will apply for possession of your home

We recognise that you may have substance misuse issues and we will refer you for support and assist you in sustaining your tenancy as long as you engage with us.

Where cannabis is cultivated, this uses a lot of electricity and subsequently, electricity meters may be interfered with. This is a dangerous activity and we will apply to the courts for an order to stop this practice and request a power of arrest to be attached to this order.

If you live by someone you think is being Cuckooed, please tell us immediately or telephone Staffordshire Police on 101.  You can do this on an anonymous basis through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

NEWS – December 2018

  • Performance of our anti social behaviour service for October to December 2018 is now available in the Performance page. 99% of our cases were resolved successfully
  • As agreed with our customers in the ASB Service Improvement Group, every customer who shows dissatisfaction with the service is invited to review their case. 9 customers were offered a meeting to review their case. 1 person took up the opportunity and had the opportunity to discuss their case and have it reviewed independently. These reviews give us, as a Landlord, the opportunity to look at the service from the customers point of view and look at potential improvements.
  • The accreditation for the anti social behaviour service expires in March of this year so work is underway on the next application. If you have a success story to share, please let us know so we can include it

If you have any questions about this month’s news, ideas on how we can improve or would like to join the Service Improvement Group, please contact the Tenancy Sustainment Team on 01827 709 514 or email:

NEWS – November 2018

  • Landlord Services applied to the court and obtained a 14 day outright possession order against a tenant where a quantity of Class A drugs had been   found in the property in Stonydelph.
  • The ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) Zone has a lot of useful information including a Tenancy Support Directory and a Factsheet Library.  If you have any complaints, please check our website first for self-help.

NEWS – October 2018

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group met on 31 October 2018. The minutes are attached here.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Accreditation – a new application will be made to Housemark for accreditation of our ASB service by the end of the year.  Our current accreditation will run out early 2019.  If you have experienced a good service, please get in touch and we will ask the assessor to get feedback from you

  • Landlord Services successfully defended our actions in a court hearing in October regarding a case of succession. The court found the Council officer acted properly and according to procedure. As a result, the Defendant was ordered to pay our costs totalling £3,700 and the order for costs in excess of £8,000 against the council was dismissed.

NEWS – September 2018

  • Cuckooing – this is a term used where vulnerable people are targeted by people who take control of their homes. This can be in return for money, control or illegal activity.  These properties can then be used as a base for drug dealing. If you have concerns about properties being used in this way, please contact us immediately. You can find more details in our Cuckooing Factsheet.
  • Since the last Eringden update in April 2018, we are pleased to tell you that we now have planning permission to convert a flat into an office and works are due to start shortly.

The contract has been awarded to install CCTV around the block and contractors should be on site over the next few weeks.

  • The team has received refresher training in anti-social behaviour in September and more training will take place in October. This is to ensure we continue to provide best practice in anti-social behaviour case management to our customers.
  • Performance information for the July to September 2018 has now been updated and you can find this in the performance page. We publish information on have many cases are resolved, what the majority of complaints are about and where the hotspots are for anti-social behaviour.

NEWS – July 2018

An injunction with a power of arrest has been obtained at court against the occupier at 31 Hayle for repeatedly bypassing the electricity supply. The order specifically prohibits anybody from interfering with the electricity supply.

If you should witness any breach of this order, please notify the Tenancy Sustainment Team on 01827 709514 and Staffordshire Police on 101.

NEWS – June 2018

  • The latest Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group was held on 13 June 2018.  The minutes can be found here.

  • Performance for the 1st quarter of 2018/2019 is now available on our separate performance page. There has been a significant increase in complaints especially about gardens.

  •  Satisfaction for the last 6 months of 2017/2018 – we received 23 completed surveys from complainants.

    * In response to the question “Overall, how satisfied were you with the way your anti-social behaviour case was handled by Tamworth     Borough Council”, satisfaction totalled 74% (an increase of 26% from the first half of the year).
    * We also asked “How willing would you be to report any anti-social behaviour to Tamworth Borough Council in the future?” The response for the 2nd half of the year was 96% (an increase of 22% from the first 6 months).

  •  Earliest Help – the voluntary sector and statutory agencies met in June to showcase all the services available in Tamworth.  You can download the ‘My Staffs’ app. There is a link in this app to Staffordshire Connects which is an easy to use directory with details of care, support and wellbeing organisations along with local activities.

NEWS – May 2018

  • Landlord Services prosecuted a tenant in Kettlebrook who, despite being warned on several occasions, would not dispose of rubbish from the garden. The magistrates’ court issued a fine for £220, court costs of £120.00 and a victim surcharge of £30. The total of £370 must be paid by 20 June 2018.

NEWS – April 2018

  • We are delighted to announce that the Council has approved a pilot scheme for Eringden involving improved on site management and maintenance of the block.

  •   Over the next 12 months we will be working with residents to make the following improvements:
    1.    Installation of CCTV throughout the Eringden block
    2.    Appointment of a Resident Support Officer working and based at Eringden – this will provide for cover for 37 hours per week and will be flexible based on the demands of the block
    3.    Conversion of a flat into an office hub so that all partners can drop in and work together to improve service and facilities for you.

    The role of the Resident Support Officer is a new post within the Community Warden Service that is intended to provide an enhanced tenancy management service to residents aimed at managing the block. This will include highlighting and managing anti-social behaviour, assisting new residents to settle in and liaising with partner agencies including the police and Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service  to enhance satisfaction with services in and around the block overall.

NEWS – March 2018

  • Staffordshire Police obtained a Closure Order at Cannock magistrates’ court on 26 March 2018 against a property in Honeybourne in Tamworth following months of nuisance and disorder at the house. The house was secured the same day and nobody can reside there for 3 months. The landlord will now apply to the court for possession of the property.
  • The Neighbour Dispute Resolution service will continue for another 3 years following a successful bid and will provide added value to the current service. This service is available for any tenants who are in dispute and is free of charge.
  • The Factsheet Library is reviewed and updated on a regular basis so please check here first for any queries you may have.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we will produce one for you.

NEWS – February 2018

  • Satisfaction levels for the period April to September 2017 average 64% overall. This was based on 31 responses received from 100 cases closed during the 6 month period
  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group was held on 21 February 2018 and the minutes can be found here
  • The Youth Offending Service are offering a Prevention Service for young people who have involved themselves in offending behaviour or may be getting in trouble. The service can offer family support, drug and alcohol work, behaviour management, healthy relationships, managing feelings, peer influence, raising awareness on anti-social behaviour and offending and promoting access to positive activities. Referrals can be made by parents/carers, agencies or young people themselves. The young person must be willing to engage in a voluntary programme of support.  To meet the criteria for referral, 3 of the following must be met:
  • Aged 8 – 17 years old
  • Critical transition points (being a looked after child, placement breakdown, school move)
  • Involvement in criminal/anti-social behaviour
  • Exclusion from school, poor attachment to school
  • Low self-esteem/poor social skills
  • Negative peer group
  • Family members pro criminal/erratic and poor family support
  • Drug and alcohol concerns
  • Lack of support services
  • Triggered local ASB stage/process
  • Socio-economic disadvantage. If you are concerned about a child, please contact the team and we can assist with making a referral.

NEWS – January 2018

  • Birmingham Court awarded an outright possession order on 9 January 2018 against a tenant in the Gillway area who has caused persistent anti-social behaviour over a long period of time.  The eviction warrant has been applied for and Landlord Services will re-possess the property.
  • A tenant in Stonydelph, convicted of supplying Class B drugs, has been issued a possession order, suspended for 2 years by Nuneaton Court. The judge stated the tenant must abide by all of the tenancy conditions for the duration of the order in order to keep the tenancy.
  • The next Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group will be held on Wednesday 21 February 2018.

NEWS - December 2017

  • The Tenancy Support Directory has been updated for 2018. There is now a section on Hoarding and how to get help as we are coming across increasing numbers of cluttered properties. These sites also provide advice for the families of those hoarding and what they can do.

  • Performance for the 3rd quarter can be found on our Performance page for October to December 2017.

  • The next Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group will be held on Wednesday 24 January 2018.

NEWS - November 2017

  • The court awarded an injunction order against an occupant in a block of flats in Leyfields for tampering with the electricity meter. This practice is extremely dangerous and for this reason, a power of arrest was issued. Electricity meters should be handled by qualified electricians only. Interfering with meters can caused electrocution and causes the risk of fire resulting in damage to property and potential loss of life.

  • The national Resolve housing conference took place in November.  A number of sessions were held on best practice in dealing with some of the hot topics for local authorities including Child Sexual Exploitation, Cuckooing, Vulnerability, Hoarding, Mental Health, Modern Day Slavery, Hate Crime and working with the courts.

NEWS - October 2017

  • The new Corporate Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Policy was approved by Cabinet in October 2017 and can be found in the Useful Documents section. This policy sets out how Landlord Services will tackle anti-social behaviour and work with partner agencies to reduce ASB and crime.
  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group was held on Wednesday 25 October 2017 and the minutes can be found here. You will also find the up to date Service Improvement Plan 2016-2019 in the Useful Documents section.
  • Performance information for the July to September 2017 can be found here. This will show you have many cases are resolved, what the majority of complaints are about and where the hotspots are for anti-social behaviour.
  • The county court heard an application by Tamworth Borough Council in October for possession of a property for persistent anti-social behaviour. The case is ongoing and the outcome will be published shortly.
  • Over the last 6 months, 11 customers expressed dissatisfaction with the service received via the end of complaint survey. Each customer was invited to attend a meeting to discuss their concerns. Of the 11 cases, 3 customers engaged with this process and any learning outcomes were fed back to the team. We constantly strive to improve on our performance and the service we provide and welcome your views.
  • Training has been undertaken by staff on RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) to ensure we are complying with the law when investigating cases of anti-social behaviour.
  • The neighbour resolution service has been reviewed with our independent mediators. We are currently resolving around 70% of cases. Our target is 75% and we hope to achieve this by the end of March 2018.  If you are in dispute with your neighbours, you are likely to be offered a referral to the neighbour resolution service or another form of early intervention.

NEWS - September 2017

  • Landlord Services attended court to defend an application to suspend a warrant for possession.  The tenant who had abandoned the property leaving it to be used as a drugs den, applied to the court to keep her home. On hearing our evidence, the court agreed that we should be given possession of the house which was secured the same day.
  • The next Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group will be held on Wednesday 25 October 2017. New members are welcome, please contact the team on the number below if you are interested in getting involved.

NEWS - August 2017

  • Landlord Services made an emergency application to court in August after being notified of a house that was insecure. Officers found drug paraphernalia in the property and the court had no hesitation in awarding a warrant to enable the property to be cleared and secured.
  • On 11 August 2017, Landlord Services provided training for interested residents and staff around Tenancies and Anti-Social Behaviour Law.  TPAS were asked to provide the training and the feedback from attendees was excellent.

NEWS - July 2017

  • The latest minutes of the Anti Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group can be found here.

  • Mental health is a big issue nationally. Closer to home, we have looked at what services are available to customers who need support in this area.  If you are suffering with mental health problems, please get in touch with the team who can make a referral on your behalf if you are not currently under the Community Mental Health Team.