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Ball games advice

Advice for young people and parents

You have a right to play and interact with other youngsters. However, everyone has a right to enjoy their home and know that their property is safe and have a right to be treated respectfully.

Football and other ball games in themselves are NOT anti-social behaviour or illegal.  You may be unaware you may be distressing other residents. Most of the complaints we receive is about where and when ball games are played.

Please consider the following before taking your ball games outside:

  • Respect other residents right to a peaceful environment - ensure residents are not unduly disturbed.
  • Where possible play in the park, nearest open space or multi use play area – not adjacent to busy main roads
  • If you have to play in the street (cul-de-sac or quiet side road), use a soft ball to prevent damage to your neighbours fences, gardens and cars.
  • Games using hard balls such as cricket balls or golf balls  should be avoided in residential areas/open space or where there is a risk of causing damage to property or people
  • Always ask before retrieving your ball or items from other people's gardens.
  • Where possible play in close proximity to your own house/block of flats not anybody else’s.
  • Always try to keep the ball down and do not let your game become excessively noisy or anti-social.
  • Very loud foul or abusive language can cause distress to others and may be considered anti social
  • Beware of your own safety and the safety of other road users.
  • Small grassed areas outside homes may only be suitable for younger children.
  • Respect the “No ball games” and “Considerate Use” signs.
  • Compromise, talk and agree with your neighbours on a time and a place for your games.
  • Teenagers /young adults - if you’re having a match head to the park.
  • It is reasonable to expect that ball games are discontinued at dusk (unless played in a lit formal play area)

How can I join a sports club?

Why not take put your energy and enthusiasm for ball games and join a sports club? For further help and advice contact the Community Leisure Team on 01827 709316