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What Support is out there for me?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get in touch with the Economic development team?
A: You can contact the Economic Development team by emailing on:

Q: How can the Economic Development team help me?
A: The Economic Development team is a dedicated resource that aims to support local businesses and work towards managed growth across the Borough.

The team can offer guidance, support and liaise with you around the following:

  • Business Support and Advice
  • Business Engagement and Relationships
  • Grant Funding for Businesses
  • Inward Investment
  • Economic and business intelligence

Q: How do I start my own business?
A: There are a few routes to start your own business, whether it’s a Limited Company or whether you’re going self-employed. Take a look directly on the government website: for a clear break down of how this may look. There are also fully-funded programmes like Enterprise for Success which can help guide you through the process of starting up. Their masterclass workshops assist you in the foundations of what you need to know, how to approach putting together a business plan and any further steps you might need to consider. You can find more support on our Partners page, as well as the Enterprise for Success programme webpage:

Q: How can I access support for my business?
A: You can reach out to us, your Economic Development team, who will be happy to point you in the right direction depending on your current needs. Equally, local Growth hubs are able to assist you in any of your business needs and requirements. Please visit our Partners page to find contact details for the Stoke and Staffordshire Growth hub, as well as the GBSLEP Growth hub.

Q: How do I grow my business?
A: There are many support schemes out there for businesses to benefit from. If you’re looking for exposure, grants, networking, guidance in accessing finance like loads and other streams of money, mentoring, support with taking on staff or apprenticeships, as well as innovation and direct project support there may be a variety of paths available to take your business forward. Please visit our list of Partners page to begin exploring what is available to you locally. You can also get in touch with us or a local Growth Hub.

Q: Which businesses can benefit from local business support?
A: Business at any stage or size can benefit from business support and reaching out to the team. The Council team specialises in local schemes available to Tamworth based businesses. The team can guide businesses through a range of support available either by Tamworth council and / or schemes running across the wider local region.

Q: How much does accessing business support cost?
A: Usually, business support schemes offered by the council or its partners are free to access for businesses. Normally business support schemes and the partners we work with are already fully-funded and therefore free to access. Schemes may have a subsidy, state aid or government funded value associated to them.  Costs referred to as ‘subsidy’, ‘de minimis’ or ‘state aid’ refer to any advantage granted by public authorities through state resources that businesses can benefit from.

Q: What is State Aid?
A: Financial value using taxpayer-funded resources to provide assistance to one or more organisations in a way that supports the wider community or business. See full definition of State Aid here: 

Q: What else do I need to consider before I can run my business?
A: There is a number of different things to consider before starting your own business from registering with the HMRC, obtaining relevant insurance, as well as complying with health and safety and Environmental health regulations. It can be helpful to discuss with a business advisor from a Growth hub, or from the organisation ‘Blue Orchid’, who cover a lot of this information as part of their Enterprise for Success programme and masterclass workshop material. You can find more support on our Partners page, as well as the Enterprise for Success programme webpage: If you feel your business may affect health and safety regulations, if you think you may require a license or you’re making changes to your building to accommodate the running of your business, just get in touch and the Council with be able to advise.

Q: Why would I do business in Tamworth?
A: Tamworth is an ever-growing and improving town. It has something for everyone, from entertainment, shopping, food and drink, and it very well connected to other key locations across the country. Tamworth has a lot of exciting plans for its future high street, with work underway to develop a town centre that meets the needs of 21st century shoppers, residents and businesses. Tamworth has many diverse opportunities and welcomes new businesses and entrepreneurs, innovation and ambitious ideas. Take a look at our ‘Why Tamworth’ page to explore more on our offer.

Q: What are business rates, and do I have to pay them?
A: The Council collects Business Rates - or Non-Domestic Rates on behalf of the government, which contribute towards the costs of local services. Under the business rates retention arrangements we keep a proportion of the local rates. The person or company who actually occupies a non-domestic property usually pays the rates. Often this will also be the owner or leaseholder of the property.

Q: Who do I contact for support with my business rates?
A: This function is delivered by the Council’s Business rates, Benefits and Revenues team.  For more information on Business rates, and any questions you may have on this please visit: or contact them directly. Contact: Tel: 01827 709530. Email:

Q: Do you offer any grants or funding that could help my business?
A: Tamworth Borough Council currently offers small business grants aimed for small or start-up businesses who have been trading for less than 3 years. You can find all the information on this grant here: . For other grant and funding schemes, please have a look at our Partners page, particularly Growth hubs, who have the latest information on funding and grant programmes and initiatives for you to access.

Q: I want to take on an apprentice. How do apprenticeships work and who can help me?
A: To get clarity on the apprenticeship process speaking to a Skills Hub can be really helpful. They can walk you through the process of how this works, what it entails and any relevant information you need in how to get the process going. To learn more about the Skills hub, please see our Partners page and look for ‘Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Skills hub’ or the ‘Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Hub’ for further details.  The government website is also a useful source in learning more about apprenticeships:

Q: I want to develop my skills or the skills of my employees, are there any schemes or funding I can access to help me?
A: Skills hubs can be a good place to start when learning about the latest support schemes in obtaining training, fully-funded training and qualification needs. You could also explore SERCO, and other partners we have listed on our Partners page. Look for ‘Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Skills hub’ or the ‘Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Hub’ or SERCO for further details.

Q: I’m looking for a premises in Tamworth, where can I look and can anyone assist me?
A:  If you’re looking for business offices, Tamworth Enterprise Centre offers serviced office space and virtual offices for small businesses on flexible contracts at affordable rates. The centre also offers a variety of facilities such as meeting rooms for hire at affordable prices. For more information visit

If you’re looking for commercial units or larger properties, Tamworth Borough Council owns 18 commercial units in the town. The majority are currently let, but three of these are vacant and the Council are looking at how they can be brought back into use as part of longer-term regeneration. The rest are owned by a variety of private landlords. To check for availability of units or properties, you can get in touch with the Economic Development team who currently forward on your query to the Asset Management department for further assistance.

Local Commercial Estate agents can also help locate all available business premises or offices.

Q: What are virtual offices?
A: Tamworth Enterprise Centre (TEC) offers businesses a registered enterprise centre business address and post box. Where businesses can collect their mail during office hours, rather than have their business linked to their home address. For more information on the virtual office packages please visit the TEC website:

Q: I’m looking for meeting rooms I can hire out, are there any available in the Tamworth area?
A: Tamworth Enterprise Centre offers affordable meeting rooms for hire. Meeting rooms can be booked by the hour, half a day or full day rates with an offer of different meeting room sizes. Meeting rooms are maintained with up to date technology for presentations or conferences and Wi-Fi.

Q: How can I keep updated on new business support schemes, events and opportunities?
A: Keep an eye out on the Tamworth Borough Council website, as well as social media accounts for any press releases or information that could be relevant to you.  Also, sign up to our Business e-newsletter, if you'd like to receive regular business news updates from us via email.

Q: How do I sell my services to the Council?
A: The Council procures their services through a tendering process.  For purchases between £4K and £10K, the Council will usually request written quotes via our In-tend e-procurement website.  We also use this website to advertise our contract requirements for purchases anticipated to approach or exceed £10K and which may require a formal tendering process. There are more than 100 organisations across the UK advertising via In-tend. If you would like to see these other potential opportunities please visit In-tend.