CCTV Monitoring Shared Service Agreement

cctvTamworth Borough Council & West Midlands Combined Authority

We are pleased to announce that on Monday 30 March 2020,  Tamworth Borough Council successfully joined forces with West Midlands Combined Authority for the provision of CCTV services in the town, as part of a plan to protect and enhance the vital community resource for the future.

The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system will be used as a valuable tool to promote public confidence by developing a safe and secure environment for Tamworth.

The overt (open) surveillance camera systems owned by Tamworth Borough Council are operated to the requirements of the relevant General Data Protection Regulation, Data Protection Act and good practice guidelines such as those issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC), that ensure the need for public protection is balanced with the respect for the privacy of individuals

The Shared Service Agreement with the West Midlands Combined Authority comes with a number of additional benefits for Tamworth including:

  • 24 hour CCTV system will be operated from the West Midlands Combined Authority’s BS7958, state-of-the-art monitoring control centre located in Birmingham, which already operates a large CCTV network across the region, including partnerships with a number of other councils including those from Walsall Council, Solihull MBC and East Staffs BC, as well the transport network for the region
  • taking advantage of CCTV expertise and intelligence including ISO 27001 National Quality Assurance Accreditation & cross-boundary working with partners  
  • significant capital investment over the next five years to upgrade the network to the latest technology.  Tamworth will see it’s CCTV systems upgraded to a fully digital HD system, benefiting from West Midland Combined Authority’s recent advancements of video analytics
  • shared access to police analysts plus digital and radio links to the police
  • continued partnership working with Tamworth users of Storenet & Nightnet Radio Surveillance Systems, communication to proactively reduce and manage crime taking place in Tamworth
  • delivering the best possible service by the most efficient means possible

For full details on the Council’s `CCTV Service Offer` please check out the Council’s the useful frequently asked questions section by clicking on the FAQ’s box below.

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