Civil enforcement

This is the name given to parking enforcement when it is carried out by local authorities, following transfer of powers from the police. 

Staffordshire County Council officers enforce all on-street contraventions (where lines and signs exist) and patrol the streets and will issue penalty charges to drivers contravening those regulations. Regular beats are carried out, according to traffic regulation orders in place. Other illegal obstructions will be reported directly to the police. 

The civil enforcement officers issue penalty charges (prefixed GE) for:

  • Waiting or parking on double yellow lines
  • Parking in time limited marked and signed bays or disabled bays
  • Waiting or parking on yellow lines during restricted times

Civil parking enforcement does not cover illegal obstructions and dangerous parking. Where there are no traffic regulations in place, please contact the police via the non-emergency contact number 101. 

Tamworth Borough Council officers enforce all contraventions of off street parking orders in Tamworth Borough Council car parks and will issue penalty charge notices prefixed TX. 

You can appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice. Information on how to do this is on the back of the Penalty Charge Notice. See our useful links page for more information.

See the full list of penalty charges and codes which may appear on your penalty notice. 

  • For further information about Staffordshire County Council's on-street enforcement visit their website: