Community budgeting

Community budgeting eventOur community budgeting project (also known as Participatory Budgeting, or simply PB - more about PB) gave the community the opportunity to decide what services are delivered where they live (see the animated video below of how this works).

The project has been run in all the locality areas - offering up to £20,000 funding which benefited the community.

Community projects were invited to put a pitch together (see the Amington videos here) as to why they should receive funding. Residents were invited to events to vote for the projects they thought should receive the funding, based on which would be most beneficial to the area. Voters were all given £20,000 of local currency to cast their vote with.

Many residents said voting with local money was a fantastic and personal way of voting. One resident said: “Giving the £20,000 really made you think who to vote for, I put money in for the groups that will make a difference around here.”