Making your garden beautiful is even easier when you use a compost bin!

As well as being a great way to get rid of kitchen scraps, compost bins make fantastic, great value, soil improver for your garden, and getting started composting is cheap too, thanks to our partnership with As well as great value compost bins, you can also order subsidised water butts, kitchen caddies and even kitchen composters.

What can I compost at home?

  • fruit & vegetable scraps
  • crushed eggshells
  • leaves
  • grass clippings
  • garden plants - use disease-free plants only
  • lawn and garden weeds (but not those that have gone to seed as they will survive the composting process)
  • shrub prunings
  • straw or hay
  • pine needles (but not too many as they are very acidic)
  • flowers, cuttings (chop up any long woody stems)
  • wood ash (but make sure it's not hot and do not put in too much)
  • chicken manure
  • coffee grounds
  • tea leaves and bags
  • newspaper  (chopped up or shredded)
  • shredded paper  (avoid using glossy paper and coloured inks)
  • cardboard (chopped up or shredded)
  • corn cobs (chopped up)
  • wood chips (not too many)

What not to compost at home

  • Do not put meat, bones or fish scraps in your home composter, as they could attract pests. Put these in your black bin.
  • Do not put animal waste in your compost bin either, particularly if you are going to use it to grow food.

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