Conservation & heritage

Peel statue

The historic environment is predominantly governed by the Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and is an important consideration in planning decisions where applications have the potential to impact upon Heritage Assets, as well as their settings.

Heritage Assets also come in a number of forms, such as Listed buildings and structures, Locally Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Registered Parks and Gardens, and Scheduled Monuments. Further information on Heritage Assets can be found below:

Consultations currently being held

No heritage related consultations are currently taking place.

Do I need to apply for planning permission?

If you are planning on carrying out any work to or within a heritage asset, please contact the Conservation Officer or planning team who can tell you if you need to obtain planning permission. Further information on the requirements and considerations of heritage assets is given in the Heritage Asset categories above. 

Maintenance and Guidance for repairs, alterations and advertisement signage to historic buildings

The key to ensuring the significance of a historic building is retained comes down to good preventative maintenance and the employing of professionals who have an understanding of historic buildings and structures. Tamworth Borough Council has produced a guidance note on preventative maintenance, which offers advice on creating a maintenance cycle for your building as well as relevant questions to ask tradespeople employed in undertaking any works.

Conservation Grant Scheme

Tamworth Borough Council operate a grant scheme for owners of listed buildings and historic buildings. The assistance is designed to help meet some of the costs of maintaining a listed building and reinstating elements of the building’s significance.

Please note, the conservation grant scheme will be changing from 01 April 2023 to be focussed on properties in the town centre for the next year. More information on the revised scheme will be available soon.

What is the grant for?
Financial help may be available if you own a statutory listed building, a locally listed building or any historic building in one of the borough's conservation areas.

What sort of works does the grant cover?

  • Repairs: roof, doors, windows, shop fronts, internal and external architectural features;
  • Reinstatement of architectural features;
  • External walls, stone and brickwork, including repointing;
  • Structural repairs such as stabilisation of foundations;
  • Repair and replacement of boundary walls, railings, stone setts, traditional brick paving.

How do I apply?
Please read our guidance and download an application form. You need to obtain three written quotations for each item of maintenance work and two estimates for specialists works. Please fill in separate forms for each item of work.

Grants are currently offered on a first-come-first-served basis. They cannot be given for work that has already been carried out. If you sell the building within three years of receiving the grant, you will have to repay all or part of it.