wardsThe Council is currently made up of 25 Conservative councillors, 3 Labour councillors and 1 UK Independence Party (UKIP) councillors. There is 1 current vacancy.

This website will help if you are unsure which area you fall into. Just enter your postcode to find out which councillors represent you.

You can also see which ward your street name is in on our map of the entire borough. Alternatively, you can view ward boundaries on our online mapping system.

Visit the County Council website to see who your county councillor is.

Below is a full list of elected members in Tamworth and the areas they represent. Click on their names to find their contact details and committees they sit on.

If you have a complaint to make about a councillor, please refer to the Governance and Anti-Fraud page

You can also search for Councillors by name, party or ward on our Council specific minisite.

Cllr Rosemary Claymore (Conservative)
Cllr Michelle Cook (Conservative)
Cllr Martin Summers (Conservative) 

Cllr Simon Goodall (Conservative)
Cllr Thomas Jay (Conservative)
Cllr Richard Ford (Conservative)

Cllr John Harper (Conservative)
Cllr Ken Norchi (Labour)
Cllr Sheree Peaple (Labour & Co-operative Party)

Cllr Alex Farrell (Conservative)
Cllr Ben Price (Conservative)
Cllr Peter Thurgood (Conservative)

Councillor Dr. Simon Peaple (Labour & Co-operative) Leader of the Opposition
Cllr Dennis Box (UKIP)
Cllr John Wade (Conservative)

Cllr Andrew Cooper (Conservative)
Cllr Moira Greatorex (Conservative)
Cllr Steven Pritchard (Conservative)

Cllr John Chesworth (Conservative)
Cllr Robert Pritchard (Conservative) Deputy Council Leader

Cllr Stephen Doyle (Conservative)
Cllr Marie Bailey (Conservative)
Cllr Jason Jones (Conservative)

Trinity (Dosthill)
Cllr Daniel Cook (Conservative)
Cllr Jeremy Oates (Conservative) Leader of Council
Cllr Michael Oates (Conservative)

Cllr Tina Clements (Conservative)
Cllr Roy Rogers (Conservative)
Cllr Daniel Maycock (Conservative)