COVID-19 Financial Help

Housing Benefit

Local Housing Allowance rates have increased to the 30th percentile from 01/04/20. This affects existing Housing Benefit customers in private rented accommodation and is paid by your local authority. It has now been automatically increased and a new notification letter issued to you if this applies
to you. The new rates can be found on our website at this link to the Local Housing Allowance page.

Other Housing Benefit changes in circumstances should continue to be reported to the Benefits section by following this link to more information and the online Change in Circumstances form.


Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Hardship Fund. This is a reduction of up to a maximum of £150 off an annual council tax bill for 2020/21 for current working age customers in receipt of Council Tax Reduction. If you already receive Council Tax Reduction then you will automatically be assessed for entitlement to this and re-billed as necessary. 

Council Tax Reduction. If you are currently not in receipt of Council Tax Reduction – you can find out more about this scheme here on the Council Tax Reduction page

To make an online application for council tax reduction please follow this link 


Self-employment income Support Scheme.
80% of taxable trading profits up to £2,500 per month (initially for 3 months). This is a taxable grant from HMRC – they will contact you if you are eligible.

Universal Credit
If due to COVID-19 you have a reduction in income, you should apply for Universal Credit help. Please follow this link to the Universal Credit page on the website.