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Designated Public Place Order

Tamworth town centre is designated as an area under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 (Alcohol Consumption in Public Places Local Authorities Regulations 2001) for the prohibition of drinking in the public spaces. Follow this link to view a map of the zone

The Designated Public Place Order gives the Police the powers to require anyone drinking what an officer believes to be alcohol within the designated area, to cease doing so. They must also surrender the alcoholic drink and any other intoxicating liquor they may have in their possession.  Failure to comply with such a request constitutes an offence.

There is no enforcement of the legislation against those drinking alcohol outside of a licensed venue provided that the alcohol was purchased from the venue and is being enjoyed within the confines of the premises, including whilst seated at tables owned by that venue (street café).  Clearly, if any persons in such areas are behaving in an anti-social manner, the Police will enforce the legislation.  

Licensed events organised or authorised by the Borough Council within the boundary of the designated area are treated in the same manner by the Police and as such notice needs to be given under the Castle Grounds Licence or as a Temporary Events Notice. This approach is considered conducive with seeking to create a Café style culture.

The designated area is Saxon Drive, Albert Road, Aldergate, Lichfield Street to the junction with Tame Drive across the river bridge then at the traffic island left onto River Drive then turning right past Snow Dome following the outer part of the island past the Arches and back to Saxon Drive.  

DPPOs were repealed by the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and will now become subject to Public Space Protection Order legislation and as such, the current order for Tamworth town centre will need to be reviewed and renewed by October 2017.