Disclosure log

We often receive Requests For Information (RFI) under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations where the query is of the same thematic nature of a previous request. Responding to requests can place a resource strain on us, especially where they are complex or contain multiple questions. We treat a RFIs from an individual, a company or the media exactly the same.

A great deal of information is already publicly available on our website. In addition, our Disclosure Log below contains frequently asked requests and responses due to current local or national 'hot' topics or information asked for on a regular basis.

N.B. Staffordshire County Council is responsible for Education, Schools, Highways and Health & Social Services/Care, so any requests for information for these topics should be directed to them. You can do this and view their disclosure log on their website: www.staffordshire.gov.uk

Please click on any of the subject titles below to jump to that topic on this page.

Non Domestic Rates

We regularly receive Freedom of Information requests throughout the year regarding business rates. As most of these requests are for similar information, we will usually publish the data sets quarterly on our website.

By continuing to publish, the data at this time risks its use by fraudsters to identify the business entities entitled to claim grants on their accounts and pursue obtaining those funds illegally. Evidence of scams and fraud relating to the COVID19 business rate grants are currently being reported and investigated nationally.

Due to the risk, we have removed all datasets relating to business rates. At a time of national crisis, combating fraud from the public purse has to take priority.

Under exemption 31(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we are also refusing to respond to specific requests on COVID19 Business Rate Grants.

You can read our full statement on NNDR Business Rates FOIs here.

Contracts and Tendering

Subject Request Response Date
ICT Contracts IT Health Check Sep 2018
  Printers, MFD's and Photocopiers Nov 2018
  ICT Spends Nov 2018
  BACS Payments and Direct Debit Software Dec 2018
Non ICT Contracts Parking meter procurement Aug 2018
  Names of Fire Risk assessors Sep 2018
  Spending on private security contractors Sep 2018
  Forecasts of rateable values losses and potential gains in new RV Oct 2018
  Parking Enforcement software Oct 2018
  Waste Management Contract Response to the Tender Oct 2018

Environment, Recycling & Waste 

Subject Request Response Date
Recycling & Waste Garden Waste bin charge Nov 2018
  Theft of household waste bins Dec 2018
  Refuse lorries fitted with CCTV Dec 2018
Other Garden/Environmental Products Oct 2018
  Anti-social behaviour enforcement Nov 2018
  Noise Complaints Dec 2018
  Energy efficiency of commercial properties Dec 2018


Subject Request Response Date
Council Tax Dealing with unpaid council tax Nov 2018
Homelessness Armed forces applicants waiting for council housing Oct 2018
  Households presented as homeless while claiming Universal Credit Nov 2018
  Homeless case level collection Dec 2018
  Temporary Accommodation 2014-2018 Dec 2018
New Housing Newbuild Completions Sep 2018
Private Landlord Services Offences under the Housing Act 2004 May 2018
  Action taken by the council against landlords Oct 2018
  Complaints regarding landlords of private rented property Oct 2018
Right to Buy Right to Buy Sales 2012-2017 Jul 2018
  Council houses bought under Right to Buy Sep 2018
Other Rent arrears Jul 2018
  Council owned residential tower blocks Aug 2018
  Council owned new builds Aug 2018
  Care Leavers Aug 2018
  Properties managed by the authority Sep 2018
  Families from London Boroughs rehoused in the authority Sep 2018
  The Rental Exchange Nov 2018
  Hotel style accommodation used to house families with children Nov 2018
  Spare Room Subsidy Nov 2018
  People with disabilities waiting for social or council housing Nov 2018
  Independent accommodation used for children Dec 2018
  Domestic violence refuges Dec 2018

Human Resources, Staffing and Structures                    

Subject Request Response Date
  Planning Department Aug 2018
  Waste and Recycling Department Aug 2018
  Bulk item collection contact Aug 2018
  Data Protection and information security contacts Aug 2018
  Head of Contracts Sep 2018
  Licensing Department Oct 2018
  Finance and Payroll Structure Oct 2018
  Finance Structure Nov 2018
  Sexual Harassment complaints Dec 2018

Leisure Services and Partnerships​ 

Subject Request Response Date
  Spends on festive lighting and decorations Oct 2018
  Publicly accessible parks Oct 2018
  Council Tax Income / Spends of improving and maintaining parks Nov 2018
  Christmas lights switch on  Dec 2018

Parking Permits, Fines, PCNs

Subject Request Response Date
  Number of PCN issued since 2015 Feb 2018
  Parking tickets issued Feb/Mar 2018 Mar 2018
  Parking fines issued to foreign-registered vehicles May 2018



Subject Request Response Date
  Complaints relating to hedges and fences Jul 2018
  Brownfield sitesBrownfield sites spreadsheet Jul 2018
  S106 planning obligations Jul 2018
  Unauthorised encampments Jul 2018
  Section 106 planning agreementsSection 106 planning agreements spreadsheet Aug 2018
  Planning applications for building self contained annexes Sep 2018
  Self build and custom housebuilding register Nov 2018
  Settlement boundaries Dec 2018

Public Health Burials

Subject Request Response Date
  Burial Plots Jul 2018
  Section 46 funerals Aug 2018

Public Registers, Lists and Licenses

Subject Request Response Date
Hackney Carriage & Private Taxis Registered Hackney Carriages 2017/18 May 2018
Animal Licenses & Registers Licencing under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 Jul 2018
  Puppies seized by trading standards Jul 2018
Premises Licenses including liquor, betting & tattoo Licensed Scrap Metal dealers Oct 2018



Subject Request Response Date
ICT Digital Transformation Strategy Jun 2018
  Risk based verification system for benefit claims Aug 2018
  Robotic process automation and or procurement departments Aug 2018
Electoral Third parties registered and regulated by the electoral commission Feb 2018
  Registered Voters/ Council Tax Arrears June 2018
  Polling Stations Nov 2018
Other Building or land transfer Aug 2018
  Roadside advertising Aug 2018
  Public toilets 1999- 2014 Aug 2018
  Budgets, spending and contacts Aug 2018
  Funding for the "On Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme" Aug 2018
  Restrictions on the sale, possession and use of fireworks Aug 2018
  Building, land and heritage assets disposed of by the authority Sep 2018
  Change of Tenancy or business name Oct 2018
  Spends under £500 - 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Nov 2018
  Land sold by the authority Dec 2018
  Retail studiesRetail studies attachment Dec 2018
  Streetlights Dec 2018