I’m an established business

What support is available to my business?

Tamworth Town Centre Business Hub

If you are a Town Centre Business, you are invited to join our online business support platform, Tamworth Town Centre Business Hubhttps://tamworth-town-centre-business-hub.mn.co/
The online hub which is a platform for town centre businesses to keep up to date with each other, events, support schemes and initiatives that may be helpful to an established business in our town centre.
The hub acts as an entry point for further support for those who want it.


If your business is Innovating, diversifying or creating new products or services, there are schemes and programmes available to help you.

Staffordshire BIC promotes innovation within Staffordshire by helping individuals and companies with their innovations. The BIC offers one to one practical business advice; grant funding; self-development workshops, webinars and Networking Events. Further information: https://thebic.co.uk

Universities have a wide range of support to assist you in research, development and allow you access to professional and academic support to grow, develop and innovate. See our partner page for more information.


Tamworth Enterprise Centre offers office spaces, meeting rooms and virtual offices at affordable prices: www.tamworthenterprisecentre.co.uk

Tamworth Borough Council Asset Management team at the council can help locate available council owned units, business premises or offices.

Local Commercial Estate agents can help locate all available units, business premises or offices: www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-to-let/Tamworth.html


Tamworth Borough Council offers a Small Business Grant for businesses trading for 3 years or less.

Business Growth Programme (BGP2) offers grants of £2,500 to £1,000,000 and is designed to strengthen supply chains, stimulate innovation and help businesses grow www.birmingham.gov.uk/bgp.

Growth Hub Small Business Grant Scheme - Offering business grants ranging from £1,500 to £10,000. https://stokestaffsgrowthhub.co.uk/app/uploads/2021/08/Small-Business-Grant-Scheme.pdf

Grants for Growth - Grant funds can be used to expand your premises, buy plant, equipment and machinery, website development or advice and consultancy. Capital grants are available from £10,000 to £160,000 on a variable intervention rate up to 30%; whilst revenue grants are available at a maximum of £1,000 at a 60% intervention rate.

For further information please contact 01782 231586  or e-mail G4G@stoke.gov.uk

For further grants and funding schemes available locally and on a national level, please visit our partner page and to stay up to date on new programmes and news, sign up to our Business e-newsletter.

Growth hubs

Growth hubs are a hub of knowledge on all schemes and business programmes available to your business. They are fully funded and offer free guidance and signposting to relevant partners who can help grow your business or overcome challenges your business may be facing.

Within our LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership), your business can access the following Growth hubs for impartial support, brokerage and where relevant account management in specialist sectors:

Greater Birmingham and Solihull Growth hub: www.gbslepgrowthhub.co.uk

Stoke and Staffordshire Growth hub: https://stokestaffsgrowthhub.co.uk

Growth hubs can also offer unique programmes created and offered by them, including grants and funding. Visit their websites for further information, newsletters and how to get in touch.

Recruitment and Placements

Get the highly-skilled workforce your company needs with Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM), Birmingham City University’s account managed recruitment and upskilling service.

Your HLSM Account Manager will identify and match the talent requirements of your business to the training opportunities and highly skilled graduates of Birmingham City University (BCU) and partner universities.

Your business will gain additional skills and knowledge through new recruits and retrained employees.

BCU will find graduate level opportunities for high-calibre graduates ranging from full-time graduate jobs to internships and micro placements: https://bcuadvantage.co.uk/grow/hlsm/

Develop skills

Consider accessing funded training schemes to help you develop and grow your business, knowledge, skill sets of your employers or managers.

Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) helps support small & medium-sized businesses to upskill their employees with training courses & qualifications to grow their business and boost the local economy. www.serco-ese.com/skills-support-for-the-workforce

You can also explore training schemes and initiates through Skills Hubs.

Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire skills hub - The Skills Hub actively seeks out businesses looking to upskill their staff, to offer guidance and support with identifying the best training providers to suit your requirements. www.staffsskillshub.co.uk

Greater Birmingham and Solihull Growth Hub: www.gbslepgrowthhub.co.uk/skills-hub

Staffordshire University - Staffordshire University offer fully-funded professional development training courses (SHEP and SEGWAY) for any SME in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. There are also some opportunities for degree students and graduates with a Stoke-on-Trent or Staffordshire postcode that may be in full-time education, working part-time or working at a large business.

They also have two innovation programmes: Staffordshire Connected Intelligent Mobility Innovation Accelerator (SCIMIA) which looks at innovation in transport, logistics and mobility solutions and Staffordshire Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Innovation Demonstrator (SAMPID) which looks at innovation in manufacturing and prototyping.

Website: https://www.staffs.ac.uk/business-services/smes

Did you know?

  • You could access mentoring programmes to support you in further growing your business or with support in accessing new markets?
  • There are sector specific programmes that can support you with your specific industry needs?
  • There are webinars and skill developing schemes available for you or your employees?
  • There is funding and assistance available to review your business premises and reduce your carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency?
  • As a senior individual of your business, you could help local businesses and people to develop skills.

For further grants and funding schemes available locally, please visit our partner page and to stay up to date on new programmes and news, sign up to our Business e-newsletter

For any other support or queries regarding your business contact us: Business-@tamworth.gov.uk