About the Examination 

Tamworth Borough Council submitted the Tamworth Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate on the 6 February 2015. The Inspector appointed to examine the Local Plan was Mr Mike Fox BA (Hons) Dip TP MRTPI.

Mr Fox conducted the Examination to determine whether the Plan is sound and complies with all the legal requirements. The criteria for soundness are whether the Plan’s policies are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

The Inspector recommended a series of Main Modifications to the Local Plan to ensure its soundness. These were subject to public consultation between 10 September 2015 to 23 October 2015. 

The Inspectors Report was issued on 3 February 2016 which concluded the following:

The Council has requested that I recommend main modifications to make the Plan sound and capable of adoption. I conclude that with the recommended main modifications set out in the Appendix, the Tamworth Local Plan satisfies the requirements of Section 20(5) of the 2004 Act and meets the criteria for soundness in the Framework.

The recommended Main Modifications were incorporated into the Draft Local Plan to ensure soundness and legal compliance.

The Inspectors Report including Main Modifications can be access following the link below;

Inspectors Report into Tamworth Local Plan 2006-2031

If you have any queries relating to the Local Plan please contact a member of the Development Plan team: Tel: 01827 709709 Email: developmentplan@tamworth.gov.uk

Link to Examination Library

Key Dates

6 February 2015 Submission of Local Plan
27 March 2015 Pre Hearing Meeting (PHM) (see 3rd March and 30th March updates)
17 April 2015 Participants to confirm attendance to hearing sessions (see draft hearing programme – 13 March update)
5 June 2015 Written Statements deadline (all statements received)
16-18 June 2015 Hearing Sessions (week 1) – see 12 June update
23-25 June 2015 Hearing Sessions (week 2) - see 12 June update
26 June 2015 Reserved for site visits - details to be confirmed
7 July 2015 (12pm) Statements in response to Doc HD16 and any other Hearing document.
14 July 2015 (12pm) Statements in response to those received 7 July 2015
10 September 2015 Main Modification Consultation Starts
23 October 2015 (5pm) Main Modification Consultation Closes
3 February 2016 Inspectors Report Issued
23 February 2016 Tamworth Local Plan 2006-2031 adopted by Council

Latest News

3 February 2016 Inspector reviews the representations on the Main Modifications Consultation and issues the Inspectors Report. 
16 November 2015

Responses to the Main Modification Consultation can be viewed here

The Council has also issued a summary of responses received in this Main Modifications consultation document

28 September 2015 Document EX26: Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP - Black Country Local Authorities - Strategic Housing Needs Study - Stage 3 Report has been added to the examination library. If you would like to comment on this, the Inspector will be accepting comments up until 5:00pm, Friday 23 October 2015. 
10 September 2015

Main Modification Consultation Starts
Main Modification Consultation Letter
Schedule of Main Modifications
Sustainability Appraisal
Schedule of Other Modifications
Main Modifications Representation Form
Soundness and Legal Compliance Guide

31 July 2015

Correspondence between Council and Inspector
Letter from Inspector to Council 
Reply from Council to Inspector

1 July 2015

Following the Examination Hearing Sessions in June, several hearing documents have been added to the examination library.

The Inspector has also issued an Interim Statement (HD26) which can be viewed here. Please note the deadlines for statements regarding Hearing Documents including HD16 is 12pm Tuesday 7 July 2015.

Responses to statements received on the 7 July are due 12pm Tuesday 14 July 2015.  

12 June 2015

The Inspector has now published version 4 of the Draft Hearings Programme.
Please note that there has been no change to the programme since draft version 3.
The final programme includes updates to the participants list. 

9 June 2015 Written Statements received 5 June
18 May 2015

The Inspector has now published version 3 of the Draft Hearings Programme.

(Changes include the addition of the Environment Agency and Mr John Mitchell to Wednesday 24th June PM)

27 April 2015

The Inspector has now published version 2 of the Draft Hearings Programme.

30 March 2015 Email correspondence between Council and Inspector.
Email from Council to Inspector (26th March)
Reply from Inspector to Council (30th March)
30 March 2015 Following the PHM on Friday 27th March 2015, the Inspector has published the PHM Notes
24 March 2015 Council reply to Mr Forest’s letter (18 March)
18 March 2015 Letter received from Mr K. Forest.
16 March 2015

Email received from Equality and Human Rights Commission

13 March 2015

The Inspector has published a set of Guidance notes, a Discussion note (which include the Matters and Questions) and a Draft Hearing Programme.
Please note the following deadline dates:
17 April 2015 – If you feel that there are important matters that have not been identified for discussion, or wish to participate in a Hearing but are not listed to do so, or vice versa, please let the PO know by no later than Friday 17 April 2015.

5pm Friday 5th June – Written Statements deadline (Please see para 32 of the Inspectors Guidance Note.) 

12 March 2015 The Inspector has issued an agenda for the PHM
Please see 3rd March update for full PHM details.
4 March 2015 Email from the Inspector to the Council
3 March 2015

Following Previous correspondence between the Inspector and Council (Letters below), a Pre Hearing Meeting (PHM) will be taking place on Friday 27th March 2015 at 10:00am. The meeting will be held at Tamworth Assembly Rooms located in the Town Centre. Full address is as follows:

Tamworth Assembly Rooms, Corporation Street, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 7DN

The Inspector will soon issue an agenda and participants list of which representors will be informed of.
The PHM is open for the general public to observe. 

26 Feb – 2nd March 2015

Correspondence between the Inspector and Council.
Letter 4 -  2nd March - Letter from Council to Inspector
Letter 3 – 26th Feb - Letter from Inspector to Tamworth BC

12 – 23 February 2015 Correspondence between the Inspector and Council regarding the Inspector’s Initial Concerns.
Letter 2 – 23rd Feb - Letter from Council to Inspector - Initial Concerns
Letter 1 – 12th Feb - Letter from Inspector to Tamworth BC - Inspector's concerns