Fit & proper person

We have to ensure the applicant, manager and any person with an association are ‘fit and proper’ people to own or manage an HMO. You can view our policy for assessing fit and proper persons here.

We must be satisfied that they have no unspent convictions relating to:

  • Offences involving: fraud, dishonesty, violence, drugs, sexual offences
  • Unlawful discrimination on grounds of sex, race, or disability
  • Housing or landlord and tenant law
  • Breaches of planning, compulsory purchase, environmental protection or other legislation enforced by us
  • Not been refused an HMO licence, been convicted of breaching the conditions of a licence or have acted otherwise than in accordance with the approved code of practice under Section 197 of the Housing Act 2004 within the last five years.
  • Not been in control of a property subject to a HMO Control Order, an Interim Management Order (IMO) or Final Management Order (FMO) or had works in default carried out by a local authority.

If a person associated or formally associated with the applicant or any manager, has done any of the things stated above, we will only take these issues into account if they are relevant to the applicant or manager being a ‘fit and proper’ person to manage the house.