Food complaints

Complaints about food hygiene and safety in Tamworth

We can investigate complaints about food that is manufactured, prepared, sold or served in Tamworth.

 This includes:

  • Food that may been contaminated or caused poisoning
  • Food containing foreign bodies, such as insects, metal, glass, or mouldy food
  • Poor hygiene standards in food businesses 
  • Food on sale or sold beyond its ‘use by’ date

If you feel you have food poisoning caused by a restaurant or other food-related business, you must report to your GP to be tested so we can establish the type of poisoning and how it may have occurred. See common food poisoning symptoms here.

If you do not see your GP, it is very unlikely we will be able to pursue any investigation. After you have seen your GP, you should report your concerns to our public protection team.

Making your complaint

  • Contact us as soon as possible
  • Keep any packaging and the receipt
  • Keep as much of the food as possible, as well as any foreign bodies of concern
  • Store the food appropriately until it is in our possession, for example in a fridge or freezer

Alternatively, you might want to contact the business concerned directly. If you choose this option, we recommend putting your complaint in writing and keeping a copy.

If you return a product to where you bought it from, it would be very difficult for us to investigate your complaint. We are unable to assist with claims for compensation or refund; this is between you and the retailer or manufacturer.  

Contact the public protection team:

Tel: 01827 709709