Food hygiene ratings

Food hygiene inspections in Tamworth

Our environmental health officers inspect all registered food businesses in Tamworth, from the largest manufacturers and processors to market stalls and childminders.

The frequency of visits depends on the potential risk each business poses, based on a number of factors to give an overall risk rating.

Inspection data and individual food hygiene ratings are published via the national Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme.

Check hygiene ratings for a business in Tamworth.

Appealing against your hygiene rating  

Food businesses have a right to appeal food hygiene ratings if they don’t agree it reflects management controls and standards found at the time of the inspection. 

Before making an appeal, you can contact the officer named in the letter or post-inspection report to understand why the rating was given. If you still think the rating is unfair or wrong, you can appeal in writing. 

Businesses have 21 days (including weekends and bank holidays) from receiving the inspection report to lodge an appeal.

Please use this form from the Food Standards Agency to appeal your hygiene rating.

Rescoring revisits

The highest hygiene rating available is 5. If you receive a rating below that, and have carried out all the necessary improvements, you can pay for a revisit to be completed before your next inspection is due.

These non-statutory rescoring visits are subject to a charge which must be paid before a visit can take place. The visit will be unannounced and carried out within three months of payment.

You can request as many revisits as necessary, but your re-rating will only be successful if you have made the required improvements.

Please note, ratings could also stay the same or go down if improvements haven’t been made or other contraventions are noted at the time of the revisit.

To request a revisit:

Food business right to reply

The right to reply allows businesses to tell customers how they have improved hygiene standards, or if there were unusual circumstances at the time of inspection. This response will be published online, alongside the rating, by the local authority. No fee is payable.

Please use this form from the Food Standards Agency to submit a right to reply.

Returning forms

Completed forms for appealing a hygiene rating, requesting a revisit or right to reply, must be returned via email to

Or via post to:
Environmental Health
Tamworth Borough Council
Marmion House
Lichfield Street
B79 7BZ

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