Food poisoning & safety

Reporting food poisoning

We can investigate complaints about food manufactured, prepared, sold or served in Tamworth.
If you feel that you have got food poisoning and if you think your food poisoning has been caused by a restaurant or other food-related business then YOU MUST report to your GP to be tested in order for us to establish the type of poisoning how you may have been poisoned. If you do not see your GP then it is very unlikely we will be able to pursue any investigation. After you have been to see your GP then you should report your concerns to our Public Protection Team.

We will investigate:

  • Food that may have caused poisoning or have been contaminated
  • Food containing foreign bodies, for example insects, metal, glass, or mouldy food
  • Poor hygiene standards in food businesses (eg dirty or poor practices)
  • Food on sale / sold beyond its 'use by' date

Make a complaint:

  • Contact us as soon as possible. Keep any packaging and the receipt
  • Keep as much of the food as possible, as well as any foreign bodies of concern
  • Store the food appropriately until it is in our care, for example in a fridge or freezer
Alternatively, contact the business or premises concerned directly to discuss the matter with the manager or owner. We would recommend you put your complaint in writing and keep a copy of the letter. However, if you return a product to where you bought it from, it will be very difficult for us to deal with your complaint.


Each investigation involves: Each complaint has an investigating officer assigned to it. The level of investigation will depend on the nature of the complaint, the risk to public health and any similar complaints about the food or business. An investigation can range from a visual examination and identification of a foreign object, to an in-depth analysis of the food.

Complaints about food or a food premises outside Tamworth: If you have a complaint about food or a food premises outside Tamworth, we will arrange for the complaint to be transferred to the relevant local authority.
Trying to claim compensation or a refund: Unfortunately, we cannot help you claim compensation or a refund; it is between you and the retailer or manufacturer.

 Contact: Public Protection team. Tel: 01827 709709. Email:

Food safety advice:

Food safety at home


Food Sampling

The Food Standards Agency organise a national sampling campaign. Where possible Tamworth Borough Council will provide samples for these campaigns. Most samples tend to be more of a Trading Standards issue in which case Staffordshire County Council would complete the sampling.