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Former Golf Course site FAQ

1 – Some trees on the site appear to have been damaged by initial works, which have been begun by developer Redrow Homes. Are any of these trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)? What action can be taken to protect the trees?
The Constraints Plan attached includes the locations for both individual and woodland Tree Protection Orders (TPO). If Redrow can be shown to have removed or damaged trees under TPO, then there is an issue to be addressed. Redrow has fenced around the roundabout at the end of Eagle Drive. If trees are not covered by a TPO, then there is no form of legal protection and no action that we can take   

2 – How far around the former golf course site is the security fencing being installed?
We do not have details of Redrow’s fencing proposal, as it is not something which they have to provide. Under the law, Redrow has the legal right to fence the entire boundary. At present, only the access off Eagle Drive has been fenced.  

3 – There are protected species on the former golf course site which Redrow is legally required to move/protect/manage/rehome. How will Tamworth Borough Council ensure that Redrow complies with these requirements?
If there is a requirement through the planning permission, e.g. through condition or Section 106, then the Planning Department will be responsible for considering any relevant applications. There will be other legislation that Redrow will also have to comply with that is not under the jurisdiction of the Council and the police would be the appropriate body.

4 - There is a Public Right of Way which runs from Eagle Drive, around the western perimeter of the site to the south and the B5000. Will this access be maintained and will members of the public still be able to use it?
An officer has checked the Public Right of Way and has confirmed that the Right of Way is clear, with no fencing work at this location. The Right of Way should remain open for use, unless the legal procedures for a temporary ‘stopping-up’ are completed. The public will still be able to use the Right of Way. There is no legal requirement on local authorities to maintain Rights of Way. Redrow has erected a small section of fence to block off an access point being used by motorcycles and has now substituted the fence for a kissing gate, so that pedestrian access is not constrained.

5 - Is the plan for a second access road between Eagle Drive and Carnoustie still going ahead?
The second access have been granted through planning consent, so should go ahead.

6 – In initial publicity on the redevelopment of the site, it was said that there would be a community orchard. There is no mention of this in the plans – will it still go ahead and who will be responsible for it?
An orchard is one of many ideas that have been suggested which could be created in the community woodland area. At present there are no fixed plans for the area, but the Council is keen to engage the local community in developing this part of the site. This will be a long-term project.

7 – When will the Local Centre be build and who will be responsible for building it?
The land for the Local Centre will be handed back to the Council and will be developed by the Council or a third party. No decision has yet been taken.

8 - Eagle Drive will be the main access to the construction site and will suffer issues with road safety and dirt for a number of years while the building of the homes is carried out. Many local residents use the public footpath around Eagle Drive, many with dogs and children. What instructions has the Council given Redrow regarding safety and cleanliness to protect local residents? What limitations has the Council imposed on working hours for the site for that local residents are not disturbed by construction noise and lorries?
The Council has given no instructions to Redrow or placed any limitations on working times at this moment in time. The developer is required to submit a construction management plan as part of the future reserved matters planning applications. These issues will be considered in detail at that stage.

9 – The development of the site will take a number of years to complete and there are bound to be issues. Is there a dedicated point of contact at Tamworth Borough Council with whom these issues should be raised?
We do expect that the development will take some years, as any major development would, but the positive aspects arising from the development will last a lot longer. The Council will consider notifying the local community at key stages of the development if the Council is made aware of them and if the cost of doing so is proportionate. At this stage, it would not be appropriate to provide a dedicated contact as it is impossible to know what future queries may concern and who the most appropriate person is to deal with them. When new planning applications come in, for example for reserved matters applications, the local community will be notified and have opportunity to engage. Anyone who requires further information about the construction should contact Redrow in the first instance, as the company is the landowner and developer.