Tamworth Golf Course Redevelopment

Tamworth Golf Course closed on October 1 2014.

Please find below links to Council meetings, press releases, Freedom of Information requests and other useful documents related to Tamworth Golf Course, including questions asked to Full Council and Tamworth Borough Council's Cabinet. Golf course costs: Expenditure and income

Plans and Reports

Cabinet meetings

Aspire & Prosper Scrutiny Committee

  • February 2014; 30th October 2013; 4th June 2013; 17th April 2013; 26th March 2013; all verbal updates.
    24th June 2014. Discussion on the petition.

Full Council meetings

  • A debate was held on September 16th in the Council Chamber at 6pm.
    Please note all these meetings were held in public with the exception of Cabinet held on November 27th.


Questions to Cabinet/Full Council

Councillor T Madge “At the last Full Council Meeting on 23rd February 2016, you stated that ramps would be built to give access to people with restricted mobility in order that they can make use of all the New Community Woodland areas on the former golf course. Can you give more details on this please?”

Councillor T Peaple “Can you please clarify what you meant by your statement in the Tamworth Herald that selling the golf course site will 'allow Tamworth Borough Council to safeguard vital services for the people of Tamworth?”

Councillor T Peaple “On a previous meeting Councillor Cook denied the idea that you would balance the budget by selling off the golf course site. However you have told me just now suggests that the interest from it will still be used to reserve future economic strategy and therefore the budget. Is it essentially the fact isn’t this the case that indirectly this money will essentially balance the budget?”

Questions to Cabinet/Full Council 23 February 2016

Councillor T Peaple - “What progress has been made regarding plans to invest the capital receipts gained from the sale of the golf course site?”

Further questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Letters to members

Press releases

Freedom of Information requests