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Tamworth currently has five cemeteries: Amington, Glascote, Wigginton Road, Wilnecote New and Wilnecote Old.  Please note that graves can no longer be purchased at Wilnecote Old and Glascote Cemetery. More information can be found on our bereavement page.

Cemetery Address Date of first burial
Amington (previously named Amington & Stonydelph) Woodhouse Lane (off Amington Road) B77 3AE 29 April 1914
Glascote (previously named Bolehall & Glascote Burial Ground) Glascote Road B77 2AL 22 July 1874
Wigginton (previously named Tamworth Cemetery) Wigginton Road B79 8RW 7 Dec 1876
Wilnecote New (previously named Castle Hall & Liberty) Wilnecote Lane B77 2NE 28 Sept 1935  
Wilnecote Old (previously named Wilnecote Cemetery) off A5 (next to Holy Trinity Church) Glascote Lane B77 2PH 3 January 1875

 Purchase a grave

  • Please see a full list of fees and charges
  • Graves may be purchased in advance which is called a preselect (pre purchased) grave
  • Only one grave is permitted per person or couple
  • Cemetery fees are doubled for non-residents, with the exception of the administration charge
  • Half sized grave spaces are suitable for the interment of cremated remains or infants. Most full size grave spaces are suitable for one or two full interments and at least eight cremated remains (after the grave is full)
  • Half sized grave spaces are suitable for up to four cremated remains
  • Exclusive Rights of Burial is for a period of 50 years
  • Pre-purchase a burial plot
  • Pre-purchase a cremated remains plot

Email: Tel: 01827 709343.


If a family should wish to exhume a grave, please read our exhumation pack and guidelines. This explains the process and implications for this procedure.

Grave Search Information

We do not hold records for burials in churchyards, for this information you will need to contact the Church direct.

FREE ACCESS TO OLD BURIAL RECORDS IN TAMWORTH LIBRARY - All our old burial records are held on microfilm in the town centre library, which can be accessed, free of charge.  It is recommended that you telephone the library in advance and book time on the microfilm reader the telephone number for the Library is 01827 475645.

FEES CHARGED FOR GRAVE LOCATION - Should you wish to know the location of your grave we do offer a grave location service upon request. There is a charge per grave for this service which will include our cemetery staff locating the grave in the first instance, marking the grave if required with a concrete marker. The charge is shown on the fees and charges document in the useful documents section of this page.

To assist in finding the grave numbers for your family graves we will need as a minimum requirement the surname, first name and approximate year of death.  Please forward as much information as possible to or post to Cemeteries Officer, Tamworth Borough Council, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, Staffs B79 7BZ and we will endeavour to locate the grave numbers for your family.  You may pay either by using the ‘Pay Online’ function at the top of this web page (Cemeteries can be found under ‘miscellaneous payments’) or by cheque, to be made payable to Tamworth Borough Council. Please note that the fee is for the time it takes to locate a grave number and unfortunately if we are unable to locate the grave, no refund will be available.

Instructions and a diagram will be forwarded to assist you in locating the grave, if you are still unable to locate it a site meeting can be arranged.

No next of kin FOI requests

We receive a significant number of requests about individuals and additional details about individuals who have died with no next of kin known at the time of death. These are usually from search agencies. Exemption 21 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 will apply and it will be the responsibility for both parties (the council and the agency), to maintain and check the website on a regular basis without the need to submit a further request under FoI.

Future FoI requests from new applicants will be directed to this website and advised of the above. Any repeat requestors who already are aware of this arrangement from previous correspondence will not have their request considered as a request under FoI.

You can also see the public health burial list.

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