Guidance for Public attending Council Meetings

Guidance for Public attending Council and Committee Meetings - Updated June 2021

For everyone's safety please see guidance below:

Before the meeting

Both Councillors and Members of the public are asked to use the NHS QR Code to register their attendance at the venue for NHS Track and Trace purposes. Those persons not able to use this facility should make their name and address known to the officer in attendance, who will keep the details on file for 21 days in line with Track and Trace guidelines, after which the details will be securely destroyed.  Councillors and members of the Public who live in a household where someone else has symptoms should isolate as required and not attend the meeting. 

Face coverings must be worn when moving around the building until seated except with an exemption. 


General Housekeeping

There will be no tea or coffee facilities – any person wishing to have refreshments should bring them, for their sole use, and in vessels that can be taken away with them at the end of the meeting.

Please do not congregate or stop in the corridors as the Council encourages Councillors and Officers to maintain social distancing wherever possible, including when arriving at and departing from a building.

Council buildings used for committee meetings have a number of toilet facilities and they are of sufficient size to allow social distancing to take place.

The lift within the building is restricted to two people at a time. Hand sanitiser is available at all entry and exit points of lifts.