Harassment by landlord

Harassment is a deliberate action by a landlord to disrupt your life at home or a deliberate act to make you feel you have to leave without giving you any formal notice. Harassment may not be directly from your landlord - it can be committed by somebody else, for example a member of the landlord’s family or letting agent.

A few examples of what constitutes as harassment can include the following. If your landlord or someone acting on their behalf:

  • Cuts off your gas, electricity or water supply
  • Is violent or threatens you with violence
  • Opens your mail or removes your belongings 
  • Harasses you because of your gender, race or sexuality
  • Your landlord may also be guilty of harassment in certain circumstances if they enter your home without your permission or send builders in without notice or at unsocial hours, however if you have asked for repairs to be completed you need to ensure you are allowing access for your landlord to be resolving such issues.

How to stop landlord harassment
There are steps you are advised to take when it comes to tackling landlord harassment. These steps could also help if you decide to take legal action.

  • Keep records - ask your landlord to put all communications with out in writing, follow this yourself to and ensure you keep copies, Shelter England advise that by doing this, you will have a record of all dealings with your landlord and of any disputes as they happen. If you do decide to take action against your landlord, any records you keep will be useful evidence. These can include a diary, notes on your calendar, photos and videos.
  • Contact your landlord. Write to your landlord asking for the harassment to stop, if this doesn’t work, write to them advising that if the behaviour continues you will take legal action.
  • Contact the police. If you are being threatened or are in immediate danger, call the police.
  • Get help and advice from Tamworth Borough Council. We can speak to your landlord on your behalf or may be able to provide assistance in getting an injunction against your landlord or a criminal conviction or fixed penalty fine.

If you are forced  to leave your home or an illegal eviction has taken place you can contact the private sector housing team on 01827 709 486. We will work with you and your landlord to get you back into the property. The Housing Solutions Team may be able to offer assistance with emergency accommodation if it is not safe for you to return to the address.