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Lockdown Energy Advice - Coronavirus

How can I make my home warmer and more energy efficient?
Help is available to all residents in Tamworth to make homes as energy efficient as possible. This can range from practical, independent advice, to financial assistance in the form of grants or loans. An energy efficient home is a warmer home which is also cheaper to heat and will improve health and wellbeing.

Find out how to get help from the HEAT campaign by:

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)
The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. The Help to Heat element of the Government's ECO programme, also described as the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO), focuses on low income and vulnerable householders. These are householders who receive specific benefits and are below a certain income threshold. More information on ECO here

Staffordshire Warmer Homes
Staffordshire County Council have secured funding to deliver a central heating scheme across the county called Staffordshire Warmer Homes. The scheme helps eligible residents to get a gas connection and a gas central heating system installed in their home completely free of charge. If a rented home does not have gas connection or central heating, we may be able to help. To deliver this scheme, we are working closely with E.ON, if you have any questions before applying, feel free to email the team at E.ON directly on

Who is eligible? 
The scheme is aimed at helping people who are struggling to pay their fuel bills, are low income, vulnerable, disabled, elderly or families who have very young children. If you think you could be eligible, you can apply online at or call the Staffordshire Warmer Homes team at E.ON on 0333 202 4481 or contact HEAT on Freephone 0800 0432 815.

Save money on your fuel bills.

  • Loft Insulation - A minimum of 10 inches is recommended. Nearly 30% of heat is lost through a poorly insulated roof. Save up to £250 per year by insulating your loft.
  • Double Glazing - Simple to fit' secondary glazing can be fitted if you can’t afford double glazing. These systems are surprisingly efficient.
  • Solid Wall Insulation - This can be done on the inside or the outside of the house. Grants and assistance are increasing. Save up to £460 per year on bills.
  • Cavity Wall Insulation - This prevents up to 35% of heat being lost. Save up to £250 per year.
  • Letter Boxes - Fit an ecoflap instead of a standard letter box flap. Also a cover on the keyhole
  • Double Glazing - 'Simple to fit' secondary glazing can be fitted if you can’t afford double glazing. These systems are surprisingly efficient.
  • Cavity Wall Insulation - This prevents up to 35% of heat being lost. Save up to £250 per year.



Help for Tamworth Residents as Home Energy Use Rises During Lockdown


As households around Tamworth stay at home, our energy bills are set to rise as gadgets become essential for staying in touch and the heating needs to be on all day.  Keep ahead of the game by calling an Energy Advisor at Home Energy Advice Tamworth (HEAT) are at hand on 0800 0432 815.

For most homes, a big energy bills during the lockdown might feel inevitable.  “It’s not rocket science. When all the family are stuck at home, usage is going to go up – and with jobs and income at risk it’s a huge worry for people”, explained HEAT advisor Ray Everett.   Energyhelpline estimate bills will rise by around 30% over the period – that’s an average of £28 a month.

Fortunately, gas prices are also falling – so it’s a great time to review your energy bills and find a trusted supplier who will give you a great deal.   We use customer service ratings to advise our callers, as well as prices, to make sure people are in safe hands.  If you are behind with payments or having billing issues we can help you deal with this too”, explained Ray.

The team at HEAT are adapting to the restrictions too.  “We know getting advice is harder for people now.  Although we can’t pop out and see people, we’re able to offer detailed advice via video calls or put information in the post if people prefer. We’ve set up a password system to reassure residents and are happy to talk to a trusted friend or relative if that’s easier”.  Text callback to 0792 2651982 call freephone 0800 0432 815 or email   There’s money to be saved and lots of useful advice on keeping your bills in check during this uncertain time.

HEAT’s energy top tips during the lockdown

  • If you’re at home more than usual; expect your bills to rise – if you don’t have a smart meter, submit a meter reading once a month so you don’t get behind
  • If you can’t afford your bill talk to your energy provider or the HEAT team.  Many suppliers have put in place help for customers who are struggling.
  • Shop around for a good energy deal – there’s some bargains out there at the moment!
  • Get the washing out – if you’ve got outdoor space, washing should try over a day as we come into spring
  • Cut the waste – make sure gadgets aren’t on, or on standby, overnight.  Keep an eye on the weather, and your heating controls.  As we get into warmer weather, you might be able to turn the heating down during the day and put a jumper on, and then boost  temperatures  in the evening.
  • Keep active – ditch kitchen and cleaning gadgets and get an upper body workout with a wooden spoon or brush!  An online workout first thing will help get your own central heating pumping and will mean you are less likely to touch the thermostat during the day.
  • Get the family involved – if you’ve got a smart meter, it’s easier to see what (and who) is using most energy.  Non-essentials like hair straighteners might have to go!

Home Energy Advice Tamworth is a partnership between Tamworth Borough Council and Marches Energy Agency (MEA), a registered charity.

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More information about the Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space) guidance for money advisers can be found here.