Help if you are homeless

You could become homeless if you:

  • have no home in the UK or elsewhere that you have a legal right to occupy
  • have a movable home such as a boat or caravan and there is nowhere it can be placed lawfully
  • you are at risk from harm if you stay in your current home

If you are homeless we'll look at whether or not you have local connections in the area and will ask: 

  • how long you've lived in the area
  • if you are employed in the area
  • if you have close family in the area
  • whether there are other special circumstances

If you have no connection to Tamworth, the Homeless Reduction Act 2017 states that under the relief duty, we can refer you to the local authority where you have a connection. Enquires will be made by your Housing Solutions Officer to explore where you have a safe local connection.

Further information regarding local connection can be found at this link to the Shelter website.

Duty to Relieve Homelessness
Tamworth Borough Council has a duty to help all people who are already homeless. We must help by working with the person to create a personal housing plan which will include reasonable steps for both the applicant and the Council to take in order to secure accommodation for homeless. If you are a professional wishing to refer somebody for help, please visit the Duty to Refer - Referrals from Professionals page

What happens if we cannot relieve your homelessness 
If after the 56 days we have not been able to relieve your homelessness, enquiries will be made to determine if a full housing duty is owed. At this point we will be required to determine if you have a Priority Need and if you have taken an action which has caused you to lose your home, which was reasonable for you to continue to occupy. We will need to be satisfied that: 

  • you are eligible for assistance
  • you are homeless
  • you are in priority need
  • you are not intentionally homeless
  • you have a local connection to the Tamworth Borough 

If we do have a duty to find you housing, this could be in the private sector, supported housing, council or housing association accommodation. Follow this link to the Finding a Home page.

When you visit us, please bring information that supports what you tell us.
This might include:

  • proof of identity or immigration status
  • an eviction notice
  • proof of any medical conditions
  • a GP’s letter that proves you are pregnant

It is important that you bring the relevant information with you so we can fully access your circumstances and provide you with the correct advice