Residents to be consulted on proposed changes to housing allocations policy

The way council homes are allocated in Tamworth is to be reviewed later this year to ensure the level of housing need can be effectively assessed and managed.

Members of Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet have approved plans to go out to consultation later this year on a proposed new draft housing allocations policy. No changes will be made to any applications at this stage.

Investing in more new and affordable housing is a priority for Tamworth Borough Council, but this relies on having a housing register that is robust, up-to-date and identifies those with the most need.

While applicants on the register are ‘banded’ according to their circumstances, anyone can currently put their name down for a council house. As the housing register is not a waiting list, this means it includes people who may never actually be allocated a council property.

Cllr Michelle Cook, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Housing Services and Neighbourhoods, said: “Ensuring the housing register is made up of people with a genuine need for housing will enable us to effectively assess the level of housing need and the type of properties that are in demand.

“While we will be looking at the housing register, reducing and preventing homelessness remains a priority and we will continue to support people who need our help.

“We would also like to reassure those on the housing register that we will be fully consulting with everyone through letters, dedicated webpages, workshops and focus groups about the proposed changes and how they may be affected. The new policy will not be implemented until full consideration has been given to the draft policy and consultation feedback.”


The consultation will take place between May 7 and August 30 and feedback will be used to prepare a new allocations policy which will be put to the Council for approval towards the end of the year. If approved, the new policy would be implemented at the end of the year.