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Intention to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

If you intend to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction as soon as you can provide all the information we need, please give your details using the online form below.

If you send us your application form with the evidence needed for your claim within a calendar month of your Intention to Claim, any benefit will start from the week after receipt of this form.

Failure to return your application form and the required evidence within a month will end your Intention to Claim. You will not receive notification of this so it is important to send in your application form and all the information needed within the month.

We can usually award benefit from the Monday after the day we receive your your claim. Sometimes we can pay benefit from an earlier date if you have a good reason for not claiming earlier. If you want us to consider paying your benefit from an earlier date, tell us when you want benefit from and why you did not claim earlier.
We will not consider backdating if no reason has been given.