Local Housing Allowances 2015-2022

Below are the Local Housing Allowance rates for Private (non Housing Association) Tenants in Tamworth

Before looking at the figures you need to work out how many bedrooms you are entitled to claim benefit for. Please call us on 709540 or refer to the website guidance about Local Housing Allowances on the previous webpage to confirm the number of bedrooms you need for your Local Housing Allowance calculation.

All Local Housing Allowances claimed by people living in the Tamworth area will be based on these rates for this month. A new set of rates will be available next month. Once you have claimed, your benefit will be based on the same rate for up to a year.

For April 2021 to March 2022, the Local Housing Allowances for Tamworth are:

  Weekly 4 Weekly Monthly
Shared accommodation rate £67.08 £268.32 £291.48
1 bedroom rate £97.81 £391.24 £425.01
2 bedroom rate £126.58     £506.32 £550.02
3 bedroom rate £149.59 £598.36 £650.00
4 bedroom rate £195.62 £782.48 £850.02

The shared accommodation rate is applied if a tenant does not have exclusive use of more than one room and shares any or all of a kitchen, a room suitable for living in, and a bathroom or a toilet. The shared accommodation rate also applies to all claimants under 35. 

If you are eligible for a property with more than 4 bedrooms, please note that your Local Housing Allowance will be restricted to the 4 bedroom rate.

For further information please contact the Benefits Team on 01827 709540 or email: benefits@tamworth.gov.uk