Meet the Chief Exec

Tony GoodwinTony Goodwin is the Chief Executive of Tamworth Borough Council.
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It has been said before that Tony’s career path has been neither traditional nor straightforward… much the same as his approach to being our Chief Executive.

After graduating as a Geography & PE teacher, he taught for two terms at a high school in Glasgow before realising that a) there was more to life than the formation of ox-bow lakes and b) that children scared the life out of him!  There was nothing for it; he needed a safer profession.

In the early 1970s, Tony joined the Royal Marine Commandos in which he served as a commissioned officer until he was medically discharged following injuries sustained in action.

Once all the King's horses and some really good doctors put him back together again, Tony’s first job on “Civvy Street” was as a Regional Officer with what was then called the Sports Council.  He entered local government in Scotland since when he has systematically worked his way south joining Tamworth Borough Council in August 1997.

Tony was an original member of David Weatherley’s first CMT and has held the positions of Director of Leisure & Amenities; Corporate Director Community Services; Deputy Chief Executive.  Tony was interviewed and selected as Chief Executive in 2011.

  • To contact the Chief Executive: Telephone: 01827 709709, Email:
  • To write to the Chief Executive, please contact: Tamworth Borough Council, Marmion House, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 7BZ