Planning help

We consider a wide range of planning proposals, some of which require formal approval.

Pre-application advice

We can offer people pre-application advice for their planning applications. This can be a huge benefit, as both you and us will have a better understanding of objectives and any constraints you may face. It also helps your applications to be dealt with more quickly and should result in your development being of a better quality.

Please note that a fee applies for non-householder pre-application advice. This ranges from £100 to £500. More information is in the help for non-householders application.

Please see our list of useful forms and guidance.

For more information on householder permitted development, please visit the Interactive House Guide and Common Projects pages on the Planning Portal website. These rules only apply where permitted development rights are in place. There are areas of the borough where these have been removed.

We would advise you to contact us before any work is carried out, to confirm if a planning application is required. If you require written confirmation that a planning application is needed, you will be asked to submit an application for a lawful development certificate which has a charge which is equivalent to half the planning application fee.

Contact: Tel: 01827 709709. Email: