Private hire operators licence

Anyone who accepts or invites bookings for private hire vehicles must have a private hire operator's licence.  A licensed private hire driver cannot accept fares unless it has first been booked through a licensed operator.

Members of the public have initial contact with the operator and make the contract with them, even if the operator does not provide the vehicle and/or the driver.

The council will not grant a private hire operator's licence unless it is satisfied that the licensing conditions will be adhered to, and that the address where the operation is based is suitable for such an activity.

One person can be granted an operator's licence, and can then employ or subcontract any number of licensed vehicles.  A licensed private hire driver is not allowed to accept bookings unless they hold an operator licence or work for a licensed private hire operator.

As the operator of a private hire base you will be responsible for the day to day management of the business.  As such you are personally responsible for complying with the conditions of the licence.

As a private hire operator you may have a considerable number of drivers working via your base at any one time. To enable you to make sure the drivers operating via your base are correctly licensed, you are required to ensure that the following details are held for each driver and vehicle operating:

  • A copy of the current private hire driver's licence
  • A copy of the current private hire vehicle licence
  • A copy of the valid certificate of Insurance
  • A copy of the current MOT certificate

The documents/records should be made readily available, and surrendered if required, to any authorised officer of the local authority or police officer at any time during operating hours.

You should ensure that the driver produces his/her documents before he/she commences work for you and the documents are updated when required.

Note: You have overall responsibility for any activities undertaken by drivers/proprietors working via your business.

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