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Questions raised at Full Council meeting

Golf Course Redevelopment Questions to Cabinet/Full Council 23 February 2016

  • Councillor T Madge: “Do you agree that it would be prudent to hold back on any sale and hearing of outline planning permission for 1100 houses on the old golf course land until we hear the result of the recent examination of the Local Plan from the Inspector, Mr FOX. To press ahead when the report is close to publication would be counter productive should Mr FOX decide that the Local Plan is not sustainable?”
  • Councillor Madge: "With the recent closure of the Golf Course it was stated by Councillor Thurgood and Councillor Claymore that the buildings will be secured and steps taken to stop people and vehicles accessing the land, when will this happen please?"
  • Mr R Bilcliff: "Can the Leader confirm a date when the required golf course surveys be completed?"
  • Mr Ravenscroft: "Why was the lease to run the golf course given to Jack Barker Group some six years ago, given his record (available for everyone to see on the internet, just by simply Googling Jack Barker) of what he had done to other courses in his group ?"
  • Cllr Marion Couchman: "I understand that you have stated that there will be no provision for Social Housing as part of your proposed sale of the golf course. Is this correct?"
  • Mr Bilcliff: "Have you received any enquires by interested parties to run Tamworth Golf Course?"
  • Cllr Simon Peaple: "With a number of major brown field sites still potentially available for development / subject to bids, why is the Leader of the Council so insistent upon selling off valuable green space in Amington?"
  • Cllr Chris Cooke: "Given the change in leadership in the local Labour group can the Labour leader advise me if his local party’s policy towards Tamworth Golf Course will change?"
  • Cllr Simon Peaple: "Does Councillor Claymore believe that he is leaving sufficient open space available for recreational use in this town?"
  • Mr Brooks: "Reference the Golf Course: please confirm the volume (in tons) of authorised landfill placed on the council land at Tamworth Golf Club (Amington) by the company Jack Barker Ltd during the time of the company’s lease of the land?"
  • Committee Questions
  • Mr R Bilcliff: Can the Leader of the Council inform me what date outline planning permission will be granted for the Golf Course?
  • Councillor Simon Peaple “If the Council were successful in obtaining Outline Planning Permission for the proposed development of approximately 1000 houses on the old Golf Course site in Amington before the council elections, does the Leader of the Council believe he has the necessary authority to make a sale of the land to a third party without a further Cabinet meeting prior to May 8th?”