Reporting ASB

Before you consider reporting a complaint, please read the section on ‘Being a Good Neighbour’ which provides helpful advice on dealing with issues yourself in the first instance.  We also have a Factsheet Library with advice sheets on a number of issues.

If you decide to involve Tamworth Borough Council, you can do it in the following ways:

Anonymous Complaints

We will take anonymous complaints, however this means that we will not be able to update you about your complaint and we would have difficulty in resolving your problem. Please feel reassured that we will never hand out your information without your consent.

What happens next?

Your complaint will be given a risk level (high, medium or low) and will be acknowledged within 24 hours. We will :

  • issue you with a case number
  • give you the name of your case officer (this will be your Tenancy Sustainment Officer)
  • make an appointment to visit you to discuss your complaint in more detail (If you are not comfortable with an officer visiting you at home, we can arrange an alternative venue)
  • carry out a risk assessment to ensure the service we provide meets your needs
  • agree an Action Plan with you including how often we will review your case with you 

If you experience anti social behaviour outside of office working hours, you can report incidents on this website via ‘Do It Online’.  These reports will be picked up by the team on the next working day.

For criminal offences, please ring Staffordshire Police on 101 or in the case of emergency, 999.