Safer Neighbourhood Panel


The Tamworth Safer Neighbourhood Panel (SNP) is now established and together with all the SNPs in each of the Districts in Staffordshire has been set up by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC). This follows the success of the Ethics, Transparency and Audit Panel, which tests the accuracy of crime recording, examines the response of police to incidents and analyses the way they handle complaints about policing. The panel will make sure policing in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent is open and transparent, giving local people the chance to influence how their area is policed.

Role of the panel

The role of the panel is to:

  • Ensure residents are better informed and involved.
  • Scrutinise all elements of local policing to ensure both the OPCC and police priorities are delivered.
  • Provide regular feedback to local policing teams and other community safety forums.
  • Collaborate with other functions to ensure that engagement and scrutiny work with Staffordshire Police is joined up.
  • Utilise and provide information that will aid greater transparency and openness.
  • Assist in the building of further community engagement opportunities.
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of the local area.

What is the overarching aim?

The overarching aim of the SNP is to hold the local policing commander to account to ensure that local policing is being delivered effectively. The SNPs also seek to identify improvement opportunities or areas of challenge that may require research. Task and Finish groups may be established to do this. This will be achieved by providing local scrutiny of issues considered by the Ethics, Transparency and Audit Panel and also examination of crime figures, use of restorative justice and complaint resolution. The SNP will not discuss specific incidents and/or crimes (although specific ones may be selected as part of the scrutiny process). These incidents will continue to be dealt with through the proper channels - for example the non-emergency number 101 and emergency number 999.

Who sits on an SNP?

The SNP is currently made up of members from a variety of backgrounds. These are:

  • One Tamworth Borough Council Councillor
  • One Staffordshire County Councillor
  • One magistrate
  • Six local residents

We are also actively recruiting for a representative from the business community. Full SNP details can be found here on the OPCC's website and the application form here The SNP code of conduct, SNP terms of reference and minutes of the February meeting of the SNP can be opened from these links.