Sheltered guide

Who can apply? Suitable for people aged over 55. We will assess your housing application form and allocate you a priority banding.

Applications for housing can come to us by:

  • Completing an application form yourself
  • House Exchange which helps you to swap or exchange your home with another tenant
  • Referrals from other organisations such as health authorities and social services
  • Transferring from other Council accommodation
  • An interview will be arranged to discuss your needs.

Needs assessment - does everyone have one? Yes. This looks at what you need and how we can assist you. Usually carried out within 28 days of receiving your application, they are based on what's important to you:

  • Preparing meals and drinks
  • Dressing and bathing
  • Managing your own affairs and finances

Where does the interview take place? At the sheltered scheme of your choice. If you want to view more than one scheme, the manager can make these arrangements. You can ask a friend or relative to attend. If you decide you want to live at the scheme, your application will be placed on our waiting list.

How long will I have to wait? We cannot give a definite timescale as it depends on availability and your needs. The more flexible you can be with areas and accommodation, the easier it is. If you have been waiting more than six months we will re-assess your needs.

How much does sheltered housing cost? The rent varies depending upon the type of property and the size of the scheme. In addition to the weekly rent there are two other charges: A service charge for: maintenance, communal facilities and costs for special support. IE: Cost of the Scheme Manager and the alarm system.

Can I afford sheltered housing? If you are offered a property we will tell you the exact rent and you may qualify for housing benefit. 

Moving In: If you are offered and accept a property we will agree with you a date for signing the legal tenancy agreement. A date will be agreed for you to collect the keys.

Pets and lodgers: Unfortunately you cannot keep dogs and cats in schemes where people share the same entrances and exits. However caged birds are welcome. Lodgers are not allowed in sheltered housing accommodation under any circumstances as the accommodation is specially built for the elderly.

Can I take my mobility scooter into sheltered housing? This depends on the scheme's facilities. Some can offer a scooter parking bay.

Your Choices: We recognise some people want to move in to sheltered accommodation as they are thinking about their future housing and health. You may not need any support when you first move in but we will regularly reassess your needs. If after your needs assessment, you feel that sheltered housing is not for you, your housing application will be passed back to the Housing Solutions Team who can advise you of other options.

Who can not live in sheltered accommodation? It is not suitable for people with: severe mental health problems, needing specialist care, older people requiring treatment or nursing (such as hospital, inpatient or residential home care). If you cannot live in sheltered accommodation we will explain the reason why and how to appeal against this decision.

Appeal Process: If you are unhappy with our decision, you can appeal. You must do this in writing to the Housing Solutions Manager within 28 days, stating why you are asking for an appeal. An independent Council officer will investigate your case for you.

Contact: Housing Solutions Team. Tel: 01827 709709.