Sheltered Housing FAQs

A new sheltered housing model approved by Cabinet

From October 2014 we consulted with more than 365 sheltered residents and a further 200 people from various groups including applicants on the housing register awaiting sheltered housing, tenants consultative group, health commissioners and stakeholders about changing the way we deliver our sheltered housing services to older, disabled and vulnerable people.
Following a very positive response to the consultation it was approved by Cabinet in July 2015 to implement the recommended new sheltered housing model `Housing Management Plus` from 4th April 2016 as this best meets the needs and aspirations of older people living in sheltered housing, protecting front line services for you.

1. Why are we re-modeling sheltered housing services? 
Due to the complete withdrawal of Supporting People funding from Staffordshire County Council for sheltered housing services from March 2015, the Council’s existing sheltered service is now financially unsustainable so we must remodel in order to create a self-financing sheltered housing service for the future.
The new sheltered housing service known as  'Housing Management Plus' has successfully been implemented across the Country by other housing providers also faced with cessation of Supporting People funding.

2. What is changing?
From April 4th 2016;

  • The Council are replacing the existing `Supporting People` sheltered housing service with a new service called `Housing Management Plus`. This means your sheltered Scheme Manager’s role will change from providing individual support to tenants to a more traditional role focusing on housing management and facilities management service.
  • There will be a new sheltered service charge `Housing Management Plus` which will replace your existing `Supporting People` charge. The new service charge is eligible for housing benefit. If you are in receipt of housing benefit then this cost may be covered in part or full depending on your financial circumstances similar to your rent charge.
  • The Council will subsidise the lifeline service for all sheltered housing tenants from 4th April 2016 until 1st January 2018 while the Council carries out a full lifeline review which will focus on extending choice for our sheltered tenants.

From July 10th 2015 onwards; 

  • Thomas Hardy Court will be returned to a designated sheltered housing scheme, ceasing the additional service of Extra Care commissioned by Staffordshire County Council to new tenants that move into Thomas Hardy Court. This means that the Council will no longer accept new tenants with extra care needs, however all existing extra care tenants will continue to remain living at Thomas Hardy Court should they wish and Tamworth Borough Council will not be changing their planned and assessed care as this is provided by the County and their partners directly. 

3. Will I still keep my Scheme Manager?

Yes. You will be keeping your Scheme Manager from Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.00pm, however times do vary (excluding bank holidays). We will however be making changes to the Scheme Manager role and responsibilities as detailed in point 2a above.

4. How will I know what’s going to change? 
Prior to implementing the new sheltered housing service, the Council will work closely with all existing sheltered housing tenants, to make sure you understand how the sheltered services is going to change in the future.  
Please see your covering letter inviting to any one of the three drop-in sessions being held over the summer to talk to you further about the services being provided.
We will also be talking to you and consulting on the future name/brand of the service that reflects modern day standards for older persons’ services.  We undertook a property review and external partners were impressed by the standard and quality of the schemes and we want to ensure that we continue to enjoy high levels of demand for our accommodation.

5. How will my existing and future care and support needs be met?
If you currently receive care and/or support from other services/agencies/family then this will not be affected by these changes and can carry on as normal.
If in future you need individual care and support you will signposted by your Scheme Manager to the most appropriate service to be assessed as to the level of care and support you need.  
Prior to the implementation of the new sheltered housing model in April 2016, your Scheme Manager will contact you and if you need individual care and support you will signposted to the most appropriate service.    

6. Do we keep our Lifeline Service?
Yes. It was approved by Cabinet that the Council will subsidise the Lifeline Service for all sheltered housing tenants from April 4th 2016 until January 2018 while the Council carries out a full review which will focus on extending choice for our sheltered tenants.  

7. How much is the service going to cost?
A key component of this new sheltered housing service is affordability.
The service charge for the new sheltered housing service Housing Management Plus is eligible for housing benefit –  this will replace your existing Supporting People charge.  If you are in receipt of housing benefit, then this cost may be covered in part or full depending on your financial circumstances similar to your rent charge.
To live in sheltered housing from April 4th 2016, there will be three categories of charges, see below. However Cabinet has approved the decision for the Council to subsidise the third charge for the lifeline service from April 4th 2016 until January 2018 while a review of lifeline services is undertaken.

Existing charges - what you pay now New charges - what you will pay from 4th April 2016
Rent – eligible for Housing Benefit Rent – eligible for Housing Benefit

Supporting People charge
- not eligible for Housing Benefit

  • for scheme manager and lifeline service
Service Charges - all eligible for Housing Benefit;
  • Housing Management Plus (for scheme manager)
  • Communal heating, lighting and  cleaning

Lifeline Service – not eligible for Housing Benefit.
The Council will subsidize this cost for all sheltered tenants from April 1st 2016 until January 2018 while the Council reviews this service

8. When will any changes happen? 
The changes that are made will come into effect from April 4th 2016. We will be providing you with more information before the changes come into effect.  

9.    What should I do now?  
If you want to contact us with any concerns or issues, you can ring the free phone number on 0800 1830454 or speak to your scheme manager directly

10. Who should I contact for further information? 
You can contact your Sheltered Housing Manager, email us at or call us on 0800 1830454

Link to comparison table between existing and new sheltered housing service charges