Single person discount review

Complete your single person discount review:

Tamworth Borough Council is undergoing a district-wide review of the Single Person Discount to ensure all those in receipt of the reduction are still entitled to it.

If you have received a letter about your circumstances, please complete the review using the form above. Please note, if you have received a letter you should fill out the review form even if your circumstances have not changed.

You do not need to re-apply for single person discount, therefore please do not complete our single person discount application form.

Report a change in circumstances

We are urging residents who claim a single person discount on their council tax to report any changes in their circumstances ahead of a district-wide review.

To report a change of circumstances, please email us: with your name, address, account number and phone number.

Council tax payers across Tamworth Borough Council who receive a 25 percent reduction on their bill as single occupancy residents will be checked this November (2020), to make sure their reductions are correct.

The review forms part of the council’s measures to prevent and detect fraud and protect the public purse.

We have appointed Capita Local Government Services to carry out a comprehensive review. They will work with Experian, the credit reference agency, using data-matching technology to identify where people are possibly claiming a discount on their council tax to which they are not entitled.