Sleeping rough

Rough Sleeper

The term 'rough sleeper' refers to people who are street homeless, with no access to accommodation. Rough sleepers may bed down in tents, doorways, alleyways or subways, amongst other places. Anyone can become homeless and sleeping rough can be dangerous, putting health and wellbeing at risk. Understanding how you can help those who may be rough sleeping is vital to helping them off the street and connecting them to the local services available. This information tells you what you can do if you see a rough sleeper or if you are rough sleeping.

What should I do when I find someone sleeping rough?

If you find someone sleeping rough, you can report it via:
• The national service website -
• Or even through the StreetLink app, available on both Android and Apple products.
You can also call Tamworth Borough Councils Housing Solutions service in 01827 709709. 
If you ever see a rough sleeper and want to make a report please make note of any details you can, such as their location, buildings nearby, clothes they are wearing etc.

What happens when I report a Rough Sleeper?

When a report is made on StreetLink, the information is sent to the councils Housing Solutions Service. 
The service will endeavour to undertake a full assessment of the rough sleepers needs and work with them to try and help them off the streets. 

I am rough sleeping – what can I do?

You can report yourself as rough sleeping via StreetLink and the information will be sent to the councils Housing Solutions service. 
You can call Tamworth Borough Councils Housing Solutions service on 01827 709709.
We will then try and make contact with you and talk to you about your situation and find ways to try and help you. 

Severe weather provision

We also have the option to provide temporary accommodation to rough sleepers for up to three days when very cold weather is forecast.  This is determined by the Housing Solutions Service who activates the provision. When this type of weather occurs and it is accepted that the rough sleeper has nowhere to go, then temporary accommodation will be offered alongside advice for a limited period only.

What about those that are on the street but may not be rough sleeping?

Some people who appear to be sleeping rough may be engaged in street activities, such as drinking or begging, but in fact have somewhere to stay.
They may need a different type of response from local services, and this may mean that you do not see a change straight away.
This doesn't mean your alert to StreetLink is wasted, it is always better to get in touch about someone you think may be rough sleeping, so that local services can provide support if needed.

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