Stray dogs

Dog owners need to make sure their dog is not allowed to stray. There is strict legislation to help Tamworth Borough Council deal with stray dogs.

My dog isn't a stray. It just escaped.

Any dog found wandering in a public place alone is classed as a stray and will be dealt with by Tamworth Borough Council, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. In all circumstances the dog will be taken to kennels.

To claim the dog, you will have to pay a statutory fine (this is a charge under the Environmental Protection Act 1990). Administration costs will also be incurred before the dog is returned. A daily kennelling charge is applicable for the number of days the dog remains in kennels unclaimed.

Total Charges  

Collection of Dog         Fee         
Same day - Early collection discount applied      £90
One night kennelling - Early collection discount applied  £106
Two nights kennelling - Early collection discount applied  £122
Three nights kennelling - Early collection discount applied  £138
Four nights kennelling  £182
Five nights kennelling  £204
Six nights kennelling  £226
Seven nights kennelling  £248

Identification and payment for stray dogs can be made between 8:45am and 7:00pm, seven days per week. Payment is made at the kennels, located at Nine Stones Kennels, Wishaw Lane, Curdworth, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76 9EA. Tel: 01675 470 274 . The costs must be paid in full before the dog can be released.

The kennels are a 15 minute drive from Tamworth. A dog can be returned to an owner via the collection service, however a cost will be incurred.

Please also note that an investigation takes place for all dogs that are collected as strays. If the owner can be traced but decides not to collect the dog, the Council will take all steps necessary in order to reclaim costs, somewhere in the region of £200. This covers the costs above and any end on costs.

I can't afford the fee.

The fee charged is only to cover the cost of payments made by Tamworth Borough Council. If the dog is collected early there is a reduction in the fee that is subsidised by the Council, otherwise there will be no other reductions. Tamworth Borough Council did not make your dog become a stray, in fact it collected your dog and put it in a safe environment but it is not responsible for the costs. There is no payment option other than paying the fee in full.

Identification tags and chips

Dogs must wear a collar and tag when in a public place and you can be prosecuted if you do not do this. The tag (or similar method of identification) should include your name and address and contact telephone numbers. You must also microchip your dog so that it can always be identified. The permanent chip is easy to update if your details change and can be read by a scanner. It is advisable that on an annual basis the reading of a chip is checked by a vet to ensure that the chip is operating correctly. You can be fined if a dog is not wearing a collar and tag and also fined if your dog has not been microchipped.

What should I do if I find a stray dog?

If it is safe to do so you should try to confine the dog. The collection service will not come out to a report of a dog roaming the area. If at all possible we would like you to try your best to locate the owner. On many occasions the owner maybe nearby looking for the dog or the contact details may be on the collar or tag. Please note that the Council will be charged if you have to contact the dog collection service and it is not always possible to recover these costs, especially if the owner is found before the collection service shows up.

If it has not possible to find the owner then please contact Noah’s Ark Environmental Services who operate our stray dog collection service. To report a confined stray dog please call 0333 5775070.

A Noah’s Ark Environmental Services Dog Warden will then contact you directly, offer you advice, answer any questions you may have and then give you an estimated time of arrival at your location. Upon their arrival you will be asked to provide your name, address, details of the dog along with when and where it was found. The dog will then be transferred to the kennels.

The service for collecting confined stray dogs operates from 08:30am to 10:00pm Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays.

What should I do if I lose my dog?

In the first instance, you should contact Noah’s Ark Environmental Services on 0333 5775070. If you prefer you can also email You will be asked for a full description of your dog, and details of where and when it was lost. It is also advisable to contact the police as they maintain a register of lost dogs along with local vets and registering the dog on Details and photographs of all collected stray dogs are posted on

What happens to unclaimed stray dogs?

We have a statutory duty to keep the dog in kennels for a period of seven days. If the dog is not claimed in this time, the owner loses all rights to its return. The dog is then usually offered for re-homing. Please note that due to increasing number of dogs being handed in as strays, it may be necessary to have the dog put down.

I've found a stray dog and wish to keep it.

You are legally required to notify us when you find a stray dog. It is possible for the finder to retain the dog. Noah’s Ark Environmental Services can assist you with this and answer any questions you may have.