Street cleaning

Tamworth Borough Council’s Street Scene team is responsible for the cleaning of streets, pavements, footpaths, cycle tracks and pedestrian areas.

The team uses a combination of manual and mechanical sweeping methods and cleaning takes place at a frequency dependent on need. Inspections are undertaken to address any ‘hot spots’ or identify areas which require particular attention.

We have more than 830 litter and dog waste bins across the borough which are also emptied depending on need.

We also maintain all council-owned grassed areas, shrub beds, trees and hedges, as well as planting and shrub bed maintenance. Please see our page on grass cutting for more information on this.

As part of our cleaning service, we commit to:

  • Maintain streets, footpaths and public areas in line with government cleanliness standards
  • Frequently clean the town centre and remove rubbish
  • Provide and regularly empty litter and dog waste bins
  • Assist with locally-organised community clean-ups
  • Aim to remove broken glass, sharps and dead animals within 24 hours

We encourage residents and visitors of the town to help us in our efforts by using the bins provided, as well as cleaning up after dogs and using household waste recycling centres for bulky waste.

For more information, please visit our pages on litter and flytipping.

Some areas are not maintained by Tamworth Borough Council, such as the Ventura and Jolly Sailor Retail Parks, which are privately run and responsible for their own litter collection and maintenance.

If you would like to report a street cleaning issue, such as broken glass or sharps, you can do so via our ‘Report it’ online facility email: or call (01827) 709709.

Road/pavement maintenance, bollards, road signs, drainage problems and road gulley emptying are dealt with by Staffordshire County Council.