Temporary events notice

Please note that we are currently updating this page. Please refer to www.gov.uk/temporary-events-notice for the latest information on constraints/limitations.

Temporary Event Notices (TEN) provide a way to licence smaller events in areas where licensable activities are not normally permitted.

A TEN will be required for the following activities:

  • the sale of alcohol
  • the supply of alcohol in clubs
  • the provision of regulated entertainment (live and recorded music, dancing, film, theatre etc.)
  • the provision of hot food at any time between 11pm and 5am

The TEN can be used in two ways:

  • to organise a small 'one-off' event, at any premises (where the premises is not already licensed). So, for example, a TEN would cover a disco in an unlicensed hall, function room, or any premises (including places in the open air), and would cover the sale of alcohol and any other activities selected by the premises user; or
  • to cover a small-scale event at a premises (which already has a premises licence or a club premises certificate), either to extend the hours already permitted, or to cater for extra activities (not included in the existing premises licence or club premises certificate). Where, for example, a qualifying club would like to stage an event where members of the public can attend and benefit from the facilities then, if a TEN is given, the public would be able to be admitted to the club premises on this occasion.

Limitations on the use of TENs

There are, however, strict limitations which apply to the use of TENs:

  • there may not be more than 499 people attending the event at any one time (including performers and staff)
  • the event may not last any longer than 168 hours
  • there may only be 12 such events per year at any one premises.  Your new allocation starts 1st January each year.
  • the total number of days (aggregate maximum period of time) per year covered by TENs at any one premises, is 21 days, irrespective of the number of events.
  • Any event beginning before midnight and continuing into the next day would count as two days towards the 21 day limit.
  • there must be a minimum of 24 hours between each event
  • You must be aged 18 or over to give a TEN
  • The number of temporary event notices you can apply for depends on whether or not you hold a personal licence:
  Personal Licence Holder Non Personal Licence Holder

Maximum No. TENs Per Year




Maximum No. Late TENs Per Year

(Note, late TENs count towards the maximum permitted number of TENs)






Standard Temporary Event Notices and Late Temporary Event Notices

There are two types of TENs; a standard TEN and a Late TEN.  These are subject to different processes.

  • a standard notice is given no later than 10 working days before the event to which it relates
  • a late notice is given not before 9 and not later than 5 working days before the event

We recommend that you submit your TEN at least two months before the event in question to maximise the chance of a successful notification.

This will give the Police and Environmental Health time to discuss any concerns they have with your proposed event.  If your standard TEN is submitted giving the minimum notice period of 10 working days, and an objection to it needs to be considered at a hearing, you may not be able to appeal against the decision.

The same form is used for both standard and late TENs.

Last dates for TENs - Bank Holidays 2018/19

In order to be valid, Temporary Event Notices must be received by the Licensing Team, the Police and Environmental Health by close of business at least 10 clear working days (standard TEN) or at least 5 clear working days for a late TEN before the first day of the event, as follows:

Occasion Date Standard TEN Late TEN
May Bank Holiday 2 & 3 June 22 18 May 22 25 May 22
Summer Bank Holiday 29 Aug 22 12 Aug 22 19 Aug 22
Christmas Day 25 Dec 22 09 Dec 22 16 Dec 22
Boxing Day 26 Dec 22 09 Dec 22 16 Dec 22
New Year's Eve 31 Dec 22 15 Dec 22 22 Dec 22
New Year's Day 01 Jan 23 15 Dec 22 22 Dec 22

Forms and procedures for Temporary event notices

Two copies of a completed Temporary Event Notice must be given to the Licensing Authority, and copy of the form must be sent to the police and to Environmental Health before an event can be held. Please be aware that any errors could invalidate the notice and leave your event in jeopardy. Addresses can be found here.

An application can also be made by email. You must send a copy of the completed form to the Licensing Authority (publicprotection@tamworth.gov.uk), one copy to Environmental Health (environmentalprotection@tamworth.gov.uk) and one copy to the police (licensinghq@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk).

The cost of an application is £21.00. Cheques should be made payable to Tamworth Borough Council. Payments can also be paid online. Choose the option for Miscellaneous Payments, Licensing, Licensing Act (please ensure you provide the receipt number given on payment with the copy of the application sent to the Licensing Authority.

Only the Police and Environmental Health can object to these notices. If they do not object, the event can go ahead.

Please read the following documents provided by the Home Office:


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Apply for a temporary event notice

Temporary Event Notice form


Get a copy of your endorsed temporary event notice because yours has been lost or stolen There is no form to complete. Please put your request in writing to the licensing team and send to the address given below.


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