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Tamworth Town Centre Business Hub

If you own, or work for, a business in Tamworth town centre, you can take advantage of free support such as training courses, one-to-one advice and help from a range of business specialists.

The Tamworth Town Centre Business Hub also acts as a community for business owners in the town centre, to help each other learn, connect and grow.

Access is free – there is no cost to join the hub or any of the training courses.

Join the Town Centre Business Hub

Workshops and webinars will be organised until 2025, and hub members can shape what is included. The hub already has free training modules available, such as:

  • Key steps in creating a marketing plan
  • Using social media for business
  • Quality retail customer experience

This initiative is commissioned by Tamworth Borough Council and run by Digital Islands, a specialist provider of business support services.

Once you have signed up, you will be able to introduce yourself and your business on the hub platform.

You will also be offered a free one-to-one set up meeting, which you will be invited to by email after signing up.

Eligible members of the hub, who complete the one-to-one set up meeting and one of the free online courses, will then have the opportunity to apply for our annual town centre business grants scheme.

The programme is currently running a summer of business support activities, including business upskilling workshops across July to August, and networking events. Join the hub to keep up to date with the latest local events and activities to support your business.

2023 workshops are focused on assisting Town Centre Businesses ‘Tell their Story’  and engaging with new and existing customers. Assistance is offered in developing bid writing skills, clarifying their unique selling proposition, increasing brand awareness, and improving their marketing strategies.

More information on the upcoming workshops and to sign up. 

Town centre businesses who attend the workshop programme may be eligible to apply for the ‘Tell your Story’ grant scheme.

Business Grant LogoTamworth town centre business grants

This grant scheme is now closed. Deadline for applications was 14th August 2023 at 2pm.

A new business support scheme is due to launch in 2024, please follow the Council’s website and communication channels for any updates to do with new and upcoming schemes.

For other funding guidance and support please contact: who may signpost you to.

We have an annual scheme offering a variety of grants to small businesses in Tamworth town centre. 

New in 2023, The Tamworth Town Centre ‘Tell Your Story’ Business Grant is offering a grant contribution between £500 to £7,000 to new and existing businesses with a fixed premises based in the Town Centre.

The grant is designed to assist businesses to tell their story better; to create new products, expand on or improve their product(s), service or offer, clarify their unique selling proposition, define their brand, increasing brand awareness, and improving their marketing strategies.

The scheme invites businesses to strengthen their brand, perception, establish their identity, unique selling point and communicate it effectively to their audiences to attract new customers, compete better in crowded markets, increase turnover and/or increase opportunities for survival in the current economic climate

The council, using funds from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, has allocated up to £21,000 for eligible businesses for this financial year.

The scheme operates on a match-funded basis in order to make the limited grant budget reach more businesses and have a greater economic impact for more town centre businesses.

Businesses must pay the costs upfront and the awarded grant amount will be reimbursed once Tamworth Borough Council has received receipts or other appropriate evidence of spend.

Successful applications must meet certain business criteria including:

  • Businesses with a fixed premises based in the town centre
  • Employ fewer than 250 employees and considered an independent, small to medium sized enterprise
  • Registered with HMRC or as a registered company
  • Attend one of the new upcoming workshops; completing either a morning or afternoon session will qualify to apply for the grant scheme, though businesses are encouraged to attend the full day to receive full benefit of the programme.

Please see guidance notes to see full overview of the scheme. (downloadable guidance notes)

Check out the town centre map to see which area the scheme covers.

Businesses can request an application form following their attendance and completion of the workshop.

For more information, please contact the economic development team via phone: 01827 709709, or email: