Traveller and gypsy sites

Where are the nearest authorised sites to Tamworth?

The closest authorised site is in North Warwickshire. The link gives full details.

What does the council do when an unauthorised encampment moves into the borough?

Firstly, we need to establish on whose land they are on and if they have any consent to be on that land. It is always the responsibility of the landowner to take any action.

If it is established that they are on Council owned land then we follow a set procedure to ensure the matter is dealt with in accordance with best practice and within the appropriate legislation. This includes making enquiries regarding health issues, welfare and education issues for children on site.

We also need to ensure that the Human Rights Acts 1998, Equality Act 2010 and Race Relations legislation have been fully complied with.

How long does it take for an unauthorised encampment to be moved on?

Each individual case is different. We need to take account of the issues outlined above and we are also dependant on the courts and have little control over the setting of court hearing date etc. On many occasions it is found that the site is temporary whilst in transit to other locations and the encampment disperses very quickly.

We always will try and engage with the people present to resolve the matter without resorting to a legal process

Can the court refuse to grant us an order to move gypsies/travellers on?

Yes. If there is an unavoidable reason for them to stay or if the court believes that moving them would adversely effect their circumstances.

How do I report unauthorised encampment?

Report an unauthorised gypsy/traveller site by: Telephone: 01827 709709
Email: with a location and your details