Ways to get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved and the amount of time and commitment is entirely up to you. Responding to a questionnaire twice a year is just as valuable to us as attending a meeting to give feedback. Getting involved can be as convenient as you want it to be. Not sure if it's for you? Take a look at our frequently asked questions

To help you decide the most suitable level of involvement for you, we have used a star system to show how much time and commitment is required.

Register for the Tenant Involvement database

star A small amount of time and commitment is required on an infrequent basis, such as five or 10 minutes from time-to-time

starstar A medium amount of time and commitment, this could be two to three hours every couple of months

starstarstar The highest amount of time and commitment which could be two to three hours every month

Our formal groups

starstarstar Tenant Consultative Group: This group gives tenants and leaseholders a united voice by discussing issues and helping to improve housing services by getting involved in the decision making process.  This group is consulted on all tenant-related policies, procedures and issues.

starstar Tenant Involvement Group: The Tenant Involvement Group oversees the implementation of actions and performance targets set out in the Tenant Involvement Strategy and Action Plan.  In addition to this, the group closely monitors all customer intelligence and feedback against Landlord Services and monitors the annual customer satisfaction calendar.

Our informal groups

starstar  Tenants Voice and editorial panel: Meets on a regular basis with our Tenant Involvement Team to help plan, design and contribute to ‘Open House’.  The group also helps to review all our literature and publications.

starstar  Seniors United: A forum for sheltered housing tenants to get together and share ideas and experiences. This includes discussing issues relevant to your needs with the support of your Scheme Managers and our Tenant Involvement Team.

starstar  Complaints Review Panel: The Panel reviews anonymised information relating to the ‘Tell Us’ Policy on a quarterly basis.  It looks for trends and emerging themes and makes recommendations for improving our services. It also monitors feedback from our monthly complaint satisfaction survey.

starstar  Tenant Inspectors: You will have the opportunity to audit our estate caretaking and communal cleaning services.  You will get to monitor the quality of our services against our standards and also undertake on-site inspections. You will be able to call managers to account if services do not meet our standards.

starstar  Anti-social behaviour service improvement group: Meeting half yearly or as and when required, this forum brings customers and staff together to oversee service improvements. This includes: discussing best practice, assessing our ASB service against national standards and monitoring action plans and key performance data.

star  Focus Groups, surveys and consultation: We consistently compare tenant satisfaction with housing services over time.  Feedback from tenants completing one of our surveys, joining in on a focus group or attending one of our organised consultation events keeps us up-to-date with tenant opinion as well as maximising our understanding of tenant satisfaction and expectation.

star  Estate Inspections: There is an annual programme of Estate Inspections. These are carried out by the Estates Manager, Tenancy Sustainment Officer and Tenant Inspectors, along with support from the Tenant Regulation and Involvement team. The purpose of these are to identify any actions needed to keep the estates hazard free, clear of rubbish and deal with any tenancy breaches.

star  Community events and open days: These are held to provide more information about what we do, promote ways to get involved along with the benefits, in a fun, friendly and informal environment.

starstar  Mystery Shopping: Carrying out mystery shopping exercises from the comfort of your own home. This involves testing whether our services meet necessary standards.  The quality of service we deliver is vital to ensure we meet the needs of our tenants.